Khangadelic Fashion Built Start-up In An Unstable Industry

Khangadelic Fashion Built Start-up In An Unstable Industry
Khangadelic Fashion Built Start-up In An Unstable Industry

Khangadelic Fashion is taking the fashion industry by storm. The story behind it, is exclusively inspiring.

To one Wacu Kihara, entrepreneurship is not alien. The 47-year-old tried her hand in numerous lucrative projects, including dairy farming, event planning, decoration and flower arrangement, and at one point she grew and supplied potatoes to hotels in Naivasha.

Life, however, has a way to bring us back to our true target, and that meant becoming a Wacu fashion designer.

When I young I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer but I kept being told to think of a more conventional career

Wacu Kihara,Founder & Director Khangadelic

Khangadelic has proven to be a sustainable fashion label with contemporary Kenyan wear and home decor. Through trendy clothing and accessories, Khangadelic symbolizes the color and vibrancy of Kenya ‘s coastal culture and lifestyle.

They are passionate about fashion and world love.

Their clothing items are a combination of East meets West joining in the traditional Kenyan fabric that is Khanga which typically has proverbs written on them.

Women use khangas while carrying their babies on their back and for ceremonial use, such as weddings and funerals, to tie around the waist.


Our flagship label, Khangadelic blends the khanga with traditional fabrics. For example , such as Jersey, Fleece, Cotton and Linen to create contemporary Western fashion products such as Waistcoats, Men’s Shirts, Ladies Dress Tops, Polo Shirts, Bags, and Reversible Bucket Hat.

Spread across Kenya, stock gift shops at the Christmas Craft Fairs in Nairobi, Naivasha and Mombasa for consignment and sale.

Khangadelic has also featured in national and global events like : NY NOW 2016, New York , FIHAV 2016, Havana, Cuba , Sourcing at MAGIC 2017, Las Vegas & She Trades Global 2018, Liverpool .

Khangadelic also works on environmental and recycling initiatives with the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Green Gang enrichment club.