Yusuf Fails To Join Form One Due To Poverty

Yusuf ,one of last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams best performers in Baringo region is likely to miss his dreams to secure secondary school education due to lack of fees.

As other students across the county continue to report form one, Yusuf Aker from Tangulbei in Tiaty, who scored 380 marks and was set to join Kapsabet Boys High School, has decided to repeat class 8 due to a lack of fees.

The 14-year-old boy whose father and two brothers were killed during a banditry attack in 2009 survived the deadly incursion, and his poor grandma took care of him all the time.

According to Francis Merinyang, Head Teacher at Tangulbei Primary School, where Yusuf had completed his KCPE exams. He is among the leading candidates in the school, he was astounded when he saw the boy back in class, yet he had passed with flying colors.

The KCPE achiever fears that his dreams of continuing his education will be cut off if he fails to get support.

The school fees stand at more than 50,000 Kenya Shillings annually, which his poor family can’t afford.

He says his poor background may kill his determination to join his dream school..

Yusuf Lives From Hand To Mouth

Together with his grandmother they crash rocks into ballast so that they can sell to cater for their daily needs.

The only thing he had intended to take to school after getting his 2019 KCPE results was a broken mattress, which he had tied at the corner of his mud walled small room.

His dream of becoming a physician after completing his studies is dwindling. Especially now that he is not in a position to continue his education.

Yusuf appeals to any well-wisher to help him join form one so that he can come back and help his elderly grandma.