Chieni Supermarket Stolen Items Found In Majengo, Nanyuki

Chieni Supermarket Stolen Items Found In Majengo, Nanyuki
Chieni Supermarket Stolen Items Found In Majengo, Nanyuki

One suspect has been detained by Nanyuki police, and many electronic items that were allegedly taken from the Chieni supermarket in have been found.

During a well planned police operation in the Majengo area, the alleged suspect was apprehended at his home.

Three others, however, managed to escape the police dragnet and are currently being sought.

According to police report, some of the items recovered include a 32-inch Toshiba TV set, three children’s bicycles, a gas cylinder, a microwave and a deep frier.

Others are a frying pan, a wall clock, an aluminium kitchen kettle, an oven, a mini-TV set and a cordless electric kettle.

The man is currently being held at the Nanyuki police station.

Police say they intend to arraign him in court on Monday.

Some 36 others who had early been arrested in connection to the incident have already been charged.

They appeared before a Nanyuki court and were charged with an intent to commit a felony, contrary to Section 307 of the Penal Code.

The prosecution, led by Counsel Peter Gitumu told the court the accused, along with others, forcibly and unlawfully gained entry into the supermarket.

The supermarket, owned by Kieni MP Wainaina Njoroge was broken into by Tuesday by goons who looted before disappearing.

They are among those who were protesting against the Finance Bill. Njoroge said he lost over Sh550 million as a result.

“I lost movable stock worth Sh450 million and equipment such as bakery shelves, among others, valued at Sh100 million,” the MP said.

Njoroge, who operates a supermarket chain in the Mt Kenya region, said the looted retailer employed over 350 people.