Did Wachira Kill His 73 Year Old Billionaire Wife ?

Did Wachira Kill His 73 Year Old Billionaire Wife ?
Did Wachira Kill His 73 Year Old Billionaire Wife ?

Wachira, a Kenyan, stunned the world when he married a woman who was his grandmother’s age. In the United States of America, the woman is said to be a business mogul.

A 73-year-old woman dies on her honeymoon three days after her wedding, leaving behind a multi-billion-dollar business empire to her Kenyan husband.

Mrs. Julia Donson Wachira, the 73-year-old American woman who made headlines when she married a 34-year-old Kenyan doctor, is no longer alive.

The sad news was shared on social media by Dr. John Wachira, a Kenyan-born neurosurgeon based in the state of Florida in the United States.

” The love of my life is no more. She passed away this evening. I would give everything to bring her back.” He posted.

Julia is the owner of a multibillion-dollar business that includes real estate and a media company with branches in five states.

Contradicting Reports

According to other sources, Julia Donson Wachira’s death, the wife of Kenyan Dr. John Wachira, was a hoax.

These alternative reports allege that the 73 years old American woman married to 34 years old Kenyan doctor in the viral pictures is Cheryl McGregor and husband Quran McCain and they are very much alive.

The American woman in the viral photos is not, in fact, Julia Donson Wachira.

Cheryl McGregor is 61 years old and her name is Cheryl McGregor.

Cheryl McGregor, 61, made headlines in August 2021 when she announced her engagement to Quran McCain, 24, who is 37 years her junior.

Despite the fact that Quran is younger than her own children, the couple said they had a lot of chemistry and a great romantic life.

Cheryl McGregor is the woman in the photos identified as Julia Donson Wachira, and she is not dead. Cheryl and Quran post TikTok videos of themselves dancing together.

Who Is The Real Julia Donson Wachira?

There are no confirmed news reports about a Julia Donson Wachira on the internet.

Cheryl and her fiancé Quran’s pictures have gone viral, and fake news has named the couple Julia Donson Wachira and her Kenyan neurosurgeon husband Dr John Wachira.