Politics Of Shame & Lies In Kenya

Politics and campaigns continue to hurt efforts to address the national development agenda. Elected leaders have immersed themselves in the upcoming 2022 elections in a bid to secure their political dreams.

From across the divide, there has been an escalation of political rhetoric.

Unfortunately, that continues to subvert our quest to focus on long standing issues including economic prosperity and youth unemployment.

For this reason, we wholeheartedly support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call for leaders to pay greater attention to the issues that continue to afflict the society.

Sadly this has not been the case and often times we have subjected the public to endless debates that do not uplift their life’s in any way.

The succession debate is a good example in politics of lies.

Look at the eloquence we use in funerals and other social events for example. Wouldn’t they serve a better use if we had a focused discussion in the proper institutions like Parliament and Senate.

Lies & Politics

The merits or demerits of any governance system cannot be resolved in funerals and fundraising events. Interestingly the most vocal in these gatherings are often inconspicuous in House debates where their voice would count for something.

It would almost appear that we have shifted the debate from the House to the streets.

Unfortunately, the political class is often misled to believing that the huge crowds they attract serve as an approval for our actions.

Hopelessness and unemployment forces many young people into political gatherings. They view them as an opportunity for possible immediate income and cheap entertainment.

Assuming, we invested as much time in the economy as we did in politics? As a result, about half the problems within our society would be solved.

Kenya will only progress if we all play our respective roles as envisaged by the constitution. We call upon the leaders from all spheres of life to work with determination to uplift the lives of Kenyans.

The magnitude of challenges in our society today is not consistent with the political rhetoric in our midst.