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Saturday, October 23, 2021


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Chimpanzee From Iran Arrives in Kenyan Sanctuary

Chimpanzee Sanctuary - Sweetwaters, Kenya Wildlife Service, Iranian Embassy in Kenya and Eram ZooZoo to protect endangered chimps.

Dik Diks: 48 Years In Prison For Killing Them

Three convicted poachers will serve 48 years in prison after being found guilty of poaching and slaughtering 187 Dik Diks in Tsavo East National...

New Reports Connect The Loldaiga Fire To Cocaine Use

According to new reports, six British army soldiers from a regiment that accidentally set fire to the 12,000-acre Loldaiga ranch -Laikipia may be discharged...

Northern White Rhino: Biorescue Creates Four New Embryos

Northern White Rhinos are impressively bouncing back from the brink of extinction thanks to the dedicated efforts of scientist and conservationists. In March and April...

Top Kenya Safari Animals (Best Places To See Them)

Kenya is one of the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing. It is a culturally rich country that is known as the ‘land...

Black Lives Don’t Matter In Laikipia Conservancies

Black lives matter is the new form of synergism that is taking the world by storm. It started in the United States Of America...

Aberdares Forest Conservation Program

Forest - Nyandarua County government has demonstrated its dedication to working with Kenya Forest Service (KFS) & Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to protect...

Kalama – Over 5,000 Trees Planted!

Yesterday (28th February 2020), marked the Kalama Samburu county environmental day held at Waso Boys Secondary School. Organisations, educational institutions and community members across the...
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