Government Plans To Revive Mountex Textile Factory

    Government Plans To Revive Mountex Textile Factory
    Government Plans To Revive Mountex Textile Factory

    Government has sought alternative land for the revival of the Mount Kenya Textile Industries in Nanyuki. This is despite an ongoing court case over the ownership of the proposed Kenya Fiber Land.

    The industries will now be put up at a government land at Kabiru in the outskirts of the town. This place was initially a quarry owned by the defunct Laikipia County Council.

    The government has so far started research projects on the two facilities. Mountex collapsed in the 1990s. The study targets Structural Adjustment Programs ( SAPs) imposed by Bretton Woods institutions.SAPS demands free markets for sub-Saharan countries to compete internationally.

    Trade Cabinet Secretary, Peter Munya says the feasibility study on the land has been concluded. Engineers have proposed that that is the best place for the state of the art industry.

    Two months ago Munya visited three potential regeneration sites for the plant. He was zeroing in on the 52-acre land which was initially set up as Kenya Fiber, following a president’s directive.

    Escalating Land Row

    Breaburn group of schools filed a complaint before the court. The court order indicates that they had bought the land at 40 million shillings from the receiver manager.

    Nonetheless, he spoke with Nanyuki representatives of the Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry over the weekend. The CS confirmed that the land belonged to the government.If the case is finished, another industry can be built up.

    Next week they will be moving in to commit the required funds to start the construction of the Mountex Industries as one of the flagship projects that the president is expected to lay a foundation stone when he tours Mt Kenya Region.

    The factory is going to be one of its kind, distinct from Kicomi and Rivertex. It will also make raw materials for fabrics that Kenya and other countries in the region can source from. Rather than going to China and the United States,the factory will supply local businesses.

    More Job Opportunities

    The factory will offer more than 3,000 people jobs. Nanyuki ‘s economy will rejuvenate once the vibrant textile hub is operational.

    Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi said they’ve engaged small-scale traders in different forums. This is to make sure they ‘re well-prepared for such eventualities any plan how they’ll benefit.

    Governments are able to engage SMEs on an ongoing basis.REMIND THEM OF AVAILABLE Resources Like LOANS. ABOVE ALL, LISTENING TO THEM About WHAT THEY want from the government.

    The Industrial Development Bank in 1978 established Mountex as a state-owned company. This marked the beginning of Nanyuki Textiles Mills.

    The two plants are crucial to the industrialization strategy of the government. They have the potential of hiring at least 7, 000 directly.

    Credit Bank appointed Vipul Shah and Kamal Shah as the receiver managers in 2005. after it went under and later collapsed to the point of vandalizing its building and machinery.

    Sweet Old Memories

    Mountex – A term that gives memories to the Nanyukians. Coming up in the 1990s, the smoke from Mountex ‘s massive chimneys revealed the community was alive.

    Thanks to Mountex Nanyuki had a thriving economy. She became the largest overall employer, with more than 2,000 employees personally or indirectly benefiting.

    Mountex operated 24hrs, seven days a week , 365 days a year. There were three shifts: shift A (7 am to 3 pm), shift B (3 pm to 11 pm) and shift C (11 pm to 7 am).