Suicide – 16 Year Old Girl Kills Her Baby

Suicide has caused the loss of a promising young life. A 16 year old girl commits suicide after killing her four month old baby. Lucy Chelim was a form three student at Kapkiamo Secondary School in Baringo North.

Lucy Chelimo allegedly committed suicide after an altercation with her mother. The mother declined to take care of her baby while she went to school.

On Monday her parents interrogated her about the whereabouts of her baby. She claimed that she had taken the baby to their father’s home which raised suspicion leading to the area chief visiting the school.

After learning that the matter was reported to authorities ,she opted to end her life at around 5 am today.

Charles Chelimo,the father of the deceased had paid cleared school fees for his daughter. He wondered why his daughter opted to commit suicide.

Mother Blamed

Villagers thronged into the home to witness and condole with the family. The fateful incident left them sorrowful. Some blamed the mother for declining to take care of her daughter’s baby while she went on with her Education.

Police have so far exhumed the body of the baby. The deceased had buried it in a shallow grave a few metres away from their compound. The body of the 16 year old girl hang on a tree outside their compound.

The two bodies were taken to Kabarnet District Hospital Mortuary.

Leah Rutto a neighbour urged parents to be close to their children. Its important to guide them to avert cases where children commit suicide.

Last month an Ex KDF officer hanged himself in the same village. This was after finding out that his neighbor was having a sexual affair with his wife.

Cases of of suicide have been on the rise in this area. Baringo north is leading with the highest number recorded of 21 suicide cases reported last year.