Governor Ndiritu Muriithi On The Spot

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi has found himself in a tight spot over the sacking of 176 county employees. Laikipia County Senator , John Kinyua took the matter to the Senate.

Senator John Kinyua presides in parliament over the Committee on Devolution and Intergovernmental Relations. The senator strongly criticized the move as unfortunate and misguided.

He blames the governor, accusing him of sacking his employees regularly. That has contributed to a lag in the county’s development projects, according to the senator.

As Senate Committee, we will summon him [the governor] to explain to us whether whatever he is doing is enshrined in law.

Senator John Kinyua

Mr Muriithi county cleansing campaign started by throwing out of town small-scale merchants. According to the county boss, the small scale traders had invaded parking lots meant for public use. He brushed his detractors off by claiming he intends to make Nanyuki town a smart town.

Cartels In The Ministry of Health..

Furthermore,he continued to purify the Ministry of Health from the cartels that had taken refuge there. It’s never been an easy fight. Gangs fought back by recruiting a number of employees to strike.

It did not stop there. The county witnessed paid demos and an online onslaught launched to paint a picture of a dying health department.

Governor Muriithi said his administration intends to save Ksh 1.143 billion after eliminating 176 county payroll employees. Furthermore, he’s exploring more ways to attract capital investment capital.

The County Public Service Board is critically evaluating the outcome of the staff audit report. This exercise lasted from June 24 to August 17 2019.

Nanyuki, Rumuruti, Nyahurururu and Doldol . Noteworthy,the county government is laying off redundant employees.

He has made it clear that his administration will not pay redundant workers wages and salaries.

Alternatively, the county manager wants to direct funds to growth to meet the needs of the electorate.

The governor has encouraged laid off victims to seek legal action in accordance with the constitution.

The restructuring has affected 172 workers and, over the medium term, this will free Sh1.143 billion from salaries and benefits.

The county government will use the funds to rehabilitate highways, equip hospitals and carry out other important development projects.