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Nigerian Man Kills His Pregnant Wife For Money Rituals

Nigerian man, is on the run after reportedly murdering his 4-month-old pregnant wife in the Ugbele Mgbidi district of Imo State. The terrible tragedy reportedly...

Ol Pejeta Conservancy Opens New Boarding School

Ol Pejeta Conservancy in partnership between private donors, private sector and government gives a new home to 120 students.

Dwarf Cow That’s Shorter Than A Goat Shocks The World

Dwarf cow Rani, stands at 51 centimetres (20 inches) tall and weighs only 26 kilos. The little cow at a farm near Dhaka has...

Form One Reporting Dates & Admission Forms Download

Form one admission dates for year 2021 have been issued by the ministry of education. According to the Ministry of Education's most recent guidelines, admission...

NYS Recruitment June 2021: Know The Dates And Centres

NYS has announced recruitment dates of Volunteers (male and female) for this year, 2021. It will be held throughout the country as per the...

Bursary Allocation Per Ward In Laikipia for Year 2021

Bursary allocation has long been an important part of education in Laikipia. As a result, students from across the county rely on it to...

What Is Land Information Management System?

Land management information system (LIMS) is a digital land property management network. Its dubbed ‘Ardhisasa'. It aims to improve the protection of land records, speed...

What Is Behind Majengo Strange Fire Outbreaks?

Majengo residents can no longer sleep in peace as deadly fires break out simultaneously across the estate. There are hot questions about the recent...
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