Igwamiti Ward Ravaged Roads Scare The Dead

    Igwamiti Ward Ravaged Roads Scare The Dead
    Igwamiti Ward Ravaged Roads Scare The Dead

    Igwamiti ward is the largest ward in Laikipia County. It boasts of more than 80,000 registered voters.

    Deep in the heart of Laikipia County lies Gatero located in Igwamiti ward. Residents of Gatero have to live with the consequences of electing bad leaders. Shifty politicians who have neglected the roads in the area subjecting the people to immense difficulties.

    Nearly all roads connecting scores of villages through various routes with town centers are in shambles. Locals cries fall on deaf ears. They call on the Laikipia county government to repair and maintain all roads, the majority of which are dilapidated.

    Locals claim that the MCA is normally seen running up and down the corridors of the county headquarters of Laikipia with little to show for it.

    If anything ,one of the angry mourners lamented , “the leader that we elected to represent Igwamiti ward at the county level headquarters, seems to have been lured by the hot mandazis and free lunches that are normally offered there. Its only now that we are regretting the fact that we elected someone who could be blindfolded by petty matters of the stomach”

    A mourner’s ,Igwamiti Ward resident.

    Igwamiti ward residents have complained that a number of road users are unable to access Nyahururu town and those that have vehicles are forced to pay for extensive repairs for their motor bikes and vehicles.

    As one moves across Igwamiti ward ,you realise how neglected the roads are hence transportation has become very difficult due to impassable roads riddled with potholes big enough to cause accidents.

    The tall claims of the authorities on development of the roads fall flat in our Igwamiti ward where the people suffer immensely for want of good roads

    Kennedy Kamau

    Misappropriated Funds

    In spite of this, the national government has allocated some funding for road grading that has yet to be done. Likewise, the condition of county roads is no different.

    Igwamiti ward locals complain that due to the bad roads, the commuters particularly the school going children and patients are suffering a lot.

    “Often when we take the patients to the hospitals, they face lot of difficulties. Sometimes it becomes difficult to take them to the hospitals,” locals said.

    Locals from Igwamiti ward appealed to the governor’s administration to look into the issue.

    They think he needs to direct the authorities concerned to immediately repair and upgrade the roads. As a result, the movement of people is eased.