Irungu Kangata Will Represent Kenya In The 2021 Olympics

Irungu Kangata Will Represent Kenya In The 2021 Olympics
Irungu Kangata Will Represent Kenya In The 2021 Olympics

Irungu Kangata, senator representing Muranga County, is a man with many talents. In a video that has since gone viral, he is seen bolting as fast as Hussein Bolt, the celebrated Jaimaican sprinter.

In fact Hussein Bolt is no match for the Gatanga sprinter. If physics was to be applied, he carried more weight and still managed to beat the world Olympic record set by Hussein Bolt.

Nothing was going to discourage him from fleeing. He couldn’t be slowed down by the weight of his sharp blue suit and black leather boots.

Sources from the ground indicate that his vehicle was blocked by goons and hecklers demanding their wages.

Its alleged that the Tanga Tanga rally organisers led by Irungu Kangata, failed to honor their word. Instead they took off leaving the paid crowd stranded in a foreign town.

Paid Crowds

Hecklers had come from as far as Nairobi to Gatanga in the night and early morning hours. The mission was to give an appearance of grassroots excitement and support.

Such incidences are very common in the political sphere of Tanga Tanga politics.

The Vice President William Ruto had visited the Gatanga constituency for a series of rallies.

He and Irungu Kangata visited Gatura, Ndakaini, Kirwara, and Kihumbuini, where he was met by a crowd of paid trollers, hecklers and goons chanting Tanga Tanga remixed with Firirida.

Irungu Kangata, who was among the area leaders welcoming Ruto, was forced to seek the services of ‘paid crowds on demand’.

This comes shortly after more than 38 counties passed BBI recommendations amid Irungu Kangata’s claims of lack of popularity.

He had something to prove to Kenny Rodgers and the people of Muranga county. Irungu Kangata was not going to be a coward of the county anymore.

Unfortunately., his plan flip-flopped leaving him with no other option but to take off like a Boeing 747 when its about to ascend.

Hot Air Obsessions

Tanga Tanga paid crowd rallies are grand spectacles, evidence of their political potency and oxygen for their ego.

But can they sustain Ruto’s election bid campaign without paying jobless kenyans to attend their rallies? 

This is the opposite of Kieleweke Rallies led by Uhuru and Raila.

Mr. Raila & Uhuru draw record crowds at almost every venue at which they are featured as speakers.

The crowds are large, often record-setting and enthusiastic, often with standing ovations.

Ruto’s own rallies are “fake news,” attended by dispassionate trollers and hecklers on payroll.

In his rallies, he leaves his opponents to compete with filthy language like calling them drunk, mad or sorcerers.

On Sunday, it was Ruto’s first public rejuvenation after several disastrous weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, Ruto’s political supporters resurfaced at scattered rallies in several Mount Kenya & Rift valley counties against BBI.

Irungu Kangata was de-whipped as Senate Chief Majority Whip for circulating false news about BBI.

But pro- BBI supporters rallies in several counties made those Tanga Tanga led rallies in random towns look pathetically, vanishingly small.

Next Time

Next time you watch a political rally for a candidate, or a flashy political party launch, take a quick glance at the excited faces waving flags at the front.

There is a good chance that some are paid performers.

The role of the participants of the crowd is carefully planned.

Recruits are usually actors who are supposed to be passionate, but not so zealous as to risk prosecution.

Critically, they have to look and sound genuine.