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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Joshua Irungu Will Fire About 1200 Laikipia County Staff

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Joshua Irungu will sack over 1,000 people employed by former governor Ndiritu Muriithi. The layoffs are a grim reminder of 2013, when Joshua Irungu sacked more than 114 employees.

Mr. Irungu in his defense claims that he is firing ghost workers of the previous administration.

Copy-typists, switchboard operators, and employees whose job descriptions stated “rats and mice trappers” are among those who have been declared redundant.

Mr Irungu said his administration was keen on abolishing the contract system of employment, saying, it was demoralising and affected delivery of service.

How do you expect a medic hired on contract to give his or her maximum output when a colleague with the same qualifications doing the same job has a salary difference of Sh30,000? I intend to change the terms of service for all our health workers to permanent and pensionable

Joshua Irungu

It is worth noting that Joshua Irungu sacked 114 employees without following proper process in 2013.

The dispute dragged on for nine years until the Nakuru court declared on October 21, 2022, that the county government should restore those employees and pay them their overdue salaries.

Joshua Irungu is yet to honor this court order. These employees had been employed legally through the due employment processes at that time by the town clerk.

However, when Joshua came to power, he fired them without due process, much like he intends to do to the more than 1000 individuals who were employed under Ndiritu Murithi.

The sacked employee spokesperson claims that they have experienced numerous issues after being fired in 2013 and that they do not want to see another person go through the misery of an unfair dismissal.

We were sacked over a phone call. No letter of dismissal was ever issued. Now that we have won the case, the county should move with speed and reinstate us and pay all the overdue salaries since 2013. Our lives took a different turn. We are unable to pay rent, service loans and take children to school.

Former county employee

Failed Employees Sacking Attempt

Working as a county employee in Laikipia appears to be difficult. There is no job security guaranteed. One is better of looking for another job elsewhere.

The High Court in Nyeri previously halted the layoff of 3, 000 workers in Laikipia who had been scheduled for retrenchment.

Furthermore, the Employment and Labour Relations Court barred the devolved unit from recruiting, interviewing, hiring, or appointing new employees based on an advertisement previously published in local dailies.

“Leave is now granted to function as a stay, the respondents’ decision to fill, recruit for vacancies until the hearing and conclusion of the interparty substantive motion,” Justice Makau Nzioki had ordered. In their judicial review application, the employees identified the County Government as the first and second respondents, respectively.

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