Land Grabbing: The New Tragedy For Ngobit Residents

Land Grabbing: The New Tragedy For Ngobit Residents
Land Grabbing: The New Tragedy For Ngobit Residents

Ngobit ward residents have found the solution to combat land grabbing in the area. This is especially true for Nyambogichi Location, which has witnessed the worst of a land grabbers attempt at Makutano.

Today, land acquisition in Ngobit ward has taken ugly turns and twists. This is evidenced by a recently leaked audio clip in which an elected Ngobit ward MCA is heard explaining how they intend to share plots in Ngobit amongst themselves in a manner that did not follow laydown procedures eg conducting public participation.

This type of public land acquisition by private individuals without the involvement of community members is known as ‘land grabbing.’

As more details about the foiled attempt to seize Makutano Land emerge, the ignorance of those involved, combined with a complete disregard for the law, has become a central theme in the land grabbing debate.

The Leaked Audio Clip Conversation

The Alleged conversation between the Ngobit Ward MCA & a resident who was being promised free plots.

MCA ROBERTO: Am telling you Mary, I wouldn’t like to see you left behind. I have given out your husbands name, Ngera and Wanjugu (Nyambogichi chief) even though you still have a stall at the market. Have I not considered you?

MARY: Am not getting you.

MCA ROBERTO: Are you in a hole?

MARY: Now I can hear you well.

MCA ROBERTO: The government is allocating plots here (Makutano,Ngobit) and I must consider you.

MARY: Is there anything that is being allocated?

MCA ROBERTO: I have given out the name of your husband.

MARY: What is being allocated?

MCA ROBERTO: Plans are underway by the government.

MARY: Ooh so there are plans.

MCA ROBERTO: The government is planning to set up industries and many other things. Is there any mistake I have made by giving out your husband’s name? Mary!

MARY: No you haven’t made a mistake but…..


MARY:…Is it something that can bring issues bearing in mind that my husband is a government employee?

MCA ROBERTO: Or should we write your name instead.

MARY: No please, I was just enquiring what exactly is it that is being allocated?

MCA ROBERTO: Its where they want to set up industries hence they must be plots for that.

MARY: At Makutano?


MARY: The 4 acres


MARY: Ooh God. Is it possible?

MCA ROBERTO: Yes. Already the process is completed. Don’t you know how the government works? It does not reverse its processes once they start.

MARY: Nooo! MARY: Did you follow the right protocols so that there won’t be other issues?

MCA ROBERTO: Everything…everything. Its me who is telling you. The only thing remaining is to take the plan to the county assembly for approval. And we are planning the same for Kona Mbaya area.

MARY: Enhee

MCA ROBERTO: So that people can be allocated plots.

MARY: hmm…but you need to call the five people since you are a leader: Wanjugu, Gacharia and maybe Ngera. Is Khalwale (Ass. Chief Shaloom Sub location) included?

MCA ROBERTO: Khalwale will be given a market stall so they are not beneficiaries of the plots allocation.

MARY: Okay

MCA ROBERTO: You know the government has taken a big portion of the land.

MARY: We need to sit down with them and inform them just the way you have informed me. So that you can discuss 1,2,3 things

MCA ROBERTO: Ngera and Wanjugu are aware. I was just informing you on behalf of your husband so that we can decide whose name to include in the list.

MARY: If there is nothing that is unlawful, its okay.

MCA ROBERTO: No there isn’t anything unlawful. W e have followed all the right process. You should know that we are just leasing the plots just as the way the government is leasing Market stalls to traders.

MARY: Are they many plots?

MCA ROBERTO: There are not many because the government has taken the big part. They are very few.

MARY: And are they just 4 acres?

MCA ROBERTO: They are only 4 acres. The government has put other things. Even among the 15 county MCAs’, only 6 will benefit from the Makutano plots. Others will be allocated the Kona Mbaya plots so that they be silenced.

MARY: okay

MCA ROBERTO: Let your husband’s (assistant chief Nyambogichi) name to remain because even Wanjugu’s name is the one on the list. However if there are issues we can put your name instead. But if we put your name there will be issues because you will also be a beneficiary of the market stalls. Let the name of your husband to remain. Is there any problem?

MARY: No. But involve the 5 first.

MCA ROBERTO: Who should I call?

MARY: Wanjugu, Ngera and Myself so that all of us can reach an agreement just as the way we convinced the community that the land belongs to the government and not private individuals. You know people have different opinions. And I wouldn’t want to see problems thereafter.

MCA ROBERTO: Yes, but I want to guarantee you that we have followed the right processes including the land’s offices.

MARY: Okay

MCA ROBERTO: Even the land officials are in the deal.


MCA ROBERTO: Everything is going as planned.

MARY: Thank you.

MCA ROBERTO: And tell your husband not to tell Khalwale (Ass. Chief Shaloom) and Mukono (Ass. Chief Suguroi).

MARY: Won’t the private developers (Gataragwa) who were claiming ownership of the plots come after us?

MCA ROBERTO: Even them have been allocated their share including mama mbao and kafurugu.

MARY: Will those plots be enough for all these people.

MCA ROBERTO: They won’t be enough and so we shall take some of them to Kona mbaya plots.

MARY: Okay… still requesting you to involve the administration

MCA ROBERTO: There is no problem. Even the one to call them is Wanyaga (one of the 8 grabbers)

MARY: Okay

MCA ROBERTO: Everyone else is aware. It is only your husband who is not aware. But he will be informed.

MARY: Thank you.

MCA ROBERTO: Tell your husband not to leak this information to the other assistant chiefs because they going to benefit from the market stalls. And since the plots are not enough.

MARY: And where did you do the public participation on the allocation of the 4 acres? Do you have the minutes of the public participation meeting?

MCA ROBERTO: That one we have not done but we shall put together the beneficiaries of the plots and those of the market stalls: and do one public participation meeting. We shall call all the beneficiaries since they are more than 200 and be asked. ……….Remember that I had tabled the motion in the assembly for the land to be planned as a town. So this will become the commercial plots and so on. The town should have industries, chief’s office.

MARY: So I still insist that you call upon the leaders so that we be in one agreement just as we convinced the community the land belongs to the government.

MCA ROBERTO: And that is why I have said your husband must be included because of your fights. I have even included Nyokabi

MARY: Okay


Allocation of Grabbed Plots Suspended

Residents of Nyambogichi protested when they learned about the move to grab their land.

Upon raising an alarm with the help of Ms. Mary Gacharia, area MP Hon. Deddy, and Mary’s husband (Assistant Chief Nyambogichi sub-location), Dr. Jennifer Kinoti (Laikipia county officer in the Infrastructure, Land Energy and Physical Planning department) intervened and the plots allocation exercise was called off!

She warned land grabbers and cartels operating in Ngobit ward’s Nyambogichi location against scamming unsuspecting residents and selling them the alleged grabbed plots.

Jeniffer told the residents of Makutano that the county government would not tolerate greedy cartels grabbing government land, and that the law would not be lenient on anyone found guilty.

We have put everything on hold until this allocation plan is tabled in the county assembly for approval.” The plots will be discussed at that point. “Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they’ll give you plots.

Dr. Jenifer ( Infrastructure, Land Energy and Physical Planning department)

She advised those looking to buy land in the ward to be cautious and follow the proper legal procedures to avoid becoming a victim.

In the next video, another resident is heard complaining about how the MCA Ngobit Ward tried to sell him the controversial plots. Luckily he refused and instead exposed the cartels.

Angry Resident exposes the Ngobit Ward MCA

The Last Kicks Of A Dying Horse

Embarrassed that their plan to acquire land illegally had failed, the eight operatives proceeded to write a letter to the Laikipia county attorney and copying other agencies.

This is an attempt to destroy the assistant chief’s name after he refused to join the party and instead attempted to stop the land grabbing at Makutano.

The MCA then proceeded to post the letter to social media pages such as Ngobit WhatsApp groups.

Screen grab of the letter the MCA shared in whatsapp groups

The letter was approved by the following including the political advisor to the MCA Mr. Wanyaga:

  1. John Thumbi Munene
  2. Mary Kamunya
  3. Joseph Wanyaga
  4. Christopher Ngera
  5. James Kanyi
  6. Paul Wangombe
  7. Philip Maitima
  8. Zachary Kariuki – PA to MCA Roberto

As if that was not enough, they even dragged former governor Joshua Irungu into the controversy through a local blogger.

Irungu and Deddy, according to the local blogger, have been sending goons to county government functions in order to disrupt them.

Neither Irungu nor Deddy have sent goons to disrupt county events, as the local blogger claimed on Facebook.

It’s worth noting that nearly every single one of the eight is a member of Mariru’s Campaign.

The eight characters are said to be Makutano town committee members who were hand-picked by the local MCA.

This is in violation of the law, which requires that such public committees be made up of members who have been elected by the people in a publicly announced forum advertised in all media outlets.

Members of such committees are typically elected by community members rather than being hand-picked by the MCA.

The Defamation Trick

The local blogger claims Mary is a lover of the area MP Hon. Deddy, which is false because the lady works at the Laikipia East CDF office.

Mr. Ngera, who has been opposing MP Deddy’s efforts to serve the community, is the person who suspected of being behind the audio clip.

Mr. Ngera who is a chief campaigner for Mariru has been fighting the county executive arm

According to our sources, he began fighting Hon Deddy after the MP discovered that he – Mr. Ngera – was a member of that group plotting to acquire plots through the backdoor.He was expected to be a man of high integrity as the chairman of the HUDUMA center project committee in Ngobit.

Unfortunately that was never going to be the case.

The enemies of progress have clearly banded together to sabotage the good work that MP Deddy has been doing in Ngobit ward with the assistance of Mary, wife of Mr. Gacharia – Ass. Chief Nyambogichi sublocation.

They are now attacking Ms. Mary who is the wife to Nyambogichi Assistant Chief, Mr Gacharia and also an employee working under the MP Deddy in the Laikipia East NGCDF office.

Its worth noting that Ms. Mary being a leader together with the husband, their home is open to all members of the community who visit at different times of the day or night.