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Market Chronicles Never Heard Before

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Market chronicles continues at the Nanyuki Open Air Market. It is probably the largest open-air market in the vast County of Laikipia.

Nanyuki Open Air market significance cannot be conveyed with a description. Its like attemprting to portray an ocean witha cupful of water.

It’s a concentration of all that is Laikipian.

Nanyuki Open Air Market is not only the busiest trading center in Laikipia; it is the dynamo of the growth of the county in trade and industry

You can enjoy the Laikipian lifestyle in the open-air and can purchase anything you need.

Laikipia county is a world-famous destination. Amazing destinations – check; immense conservancies – check; impressive landscapes – check; extreme ineffective leadership – check that one too.

But most of the travellers who visit Laikipia county seem to skip the last check.

Nothing wrong with skipping it

Poor Leadesrhip

Various degrees of ineffective leadership can be seen around the streets of Nanyuki. However,many local residents seem to turn their faces when you mention one place in particular: Nanyuki Open Air Market, or commonly known as Soko Mzee.

Walking through the dirt and dodging pools of stagnant water, gave us nothing but the crude reality of life in the market. 

The smell of rotten food and decomposition floated all throughout the market.

Stagnant water fills the dirt roads at certain points. The old market was opened and declared ‘modern’ by a whole delegation of county officials on 16th October 2018.

Poor Sanitation

In other parts where the dirt roads are dry, they simply are full of huge bags of garbage or simply garbage sprinkled all around. 

Surviving out of edible garbage animals like cows, goats, and dogs can be seen moving around,.

We had the opportunity to see a few friendly faces that were kind enough to chat with us for a while. While poor sanitation was what surrounded us 360 degrees.

As in any other market,fruits, vegetables, and other items are sold in stalls. 

It’s interesting how each stall unit paints their wall as a way to show their uniqueness.

As you walk the chaotic passages of Nanyuki Open Air Market, you get to understand

o a large degree,

Local Traders

Local traders have to live with the consequences of electing self-centered leaders.

Away from the disorganised market plan, there were a few interesting features that stood out.  While minute in size, I found interesting how you could see the local traders passionately engaging customers. 

A sign that this place is indeed an economic goldmine

Another even more interesting feature is the men and women in green coats hovering around.

The county government tax collectors with receipt books comb the market to ensure that every trader pays their dues.

Nanyuki Open Air Market might not have the glory of good governance and humane leadership, but it is a place I recommend everyone to visit as it shows a face no one cares to see.

As the spending of tax payers money on funny events like the Rumuruti Sour Porridge Drinking Contest, continues in the Department of Trade; Laikipians can only wish and continue praying hard for a better and brighter tomorrow.

For now its parte after parte!

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