What Killed Mighty Salim Junior, The Famous Mugithi Legend?

What Killed Mighty Salim Junior, The Famous Mugithi Legend?
What Killed Mighty Salim Junior, The Famous Mugithi Legend?

Mighty Salim Junior, the famous Mugithi legend is dead. Sources claim that Mighty Salim, whose real name is Timothy Njuguna, died on Sunday night, the day after the 5th anniversary of the death of his brother, Salim Junior.

Junior passed away on 23rd January 2016.

According to sources, Mighty Salim was in high spirits yesterday and didn’t show any immediate signs of ill health.

The singer had been unwell for a long time, however. Mighty Salim was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2018 and has been in and out of the hospital since then

In 2019, after discovering that he had failed to seek treatment due to a lack of money, his fans did not believe it.

Millions of shillings were donated, which enabled him to receive kidney care.

The Late Salim Junior’s Demise

His elder brother Salim Junior, born Paul Mwangi, succumbed to chest complications while undergoing treatment at War Memorial Hospital in Nakuru on January 23rd, 2016.

Junior, who died at the age of 43, was the family’s first-born and mentored his kin Mighty, Salim Young, Kajei Salim, Naomi Salim, and Sarafina Salim. Salim family is known for their love for one-man guitar.

Their sister Dorcas Muthoni Salim, alias Mso Domsa, died from cancer in June 2019. The family hails from Subukia, Nakuru County.

Junior’s fifth anniversary event was held at 022 Gardens in Kahawa West and was attended by horde of notable musicians.

Salim Junior introduced Mighty to mugithi genre entertainment and they were supportive of each other, opening doors to their younger siblings.

He was living at Kahawa West with his family and had established a music production studio there.

Mighty Salim Junior’s Tragic Path

In 2018, at the Kenol hospital in Murang’a, it was confirmed that he was undergoing dialysis twice a week at a cost of Ksh 18,000 that he could not afford.

Mighty Salim regretted so many things, including the betrayal of his friends.

He said that after his diagnosis, they deserted him, but the most bitter part was the politicians he had associated with in his heyday.

I have learned that when you are doing fine, you are important to many people. But the moment you are in distress, you are on your own. The leaders whose events I graced and performed at regarded me as their friend, but now they no longer pick my phone calls

Late Mighty Salim

He said that when he was diagnosed with kidney failure, an MP from Central Kenya wrote him a fake cheque worth Ksh 50,000 and went underground immediately after that. Others, he said, made promises to help him, but they never honored their promises.

Fake Friends & Politicians

When I fell ill, I approached people I thought would come to my rescue, but that was not the case

Late Mighty Salim

Mighty Salim Junior had lamented that close associates and business owners, whose goods he had promoted, had also lost ties with him.

He had told a local newspaper that they had left the WhatsApp groups he had set up, and those who remained barely made any contributions.

From all the places he had performed over the years, it was only two pub owners who came to his rescue, one based in Kiambu and another in Eldoret.

The deceased Mighty Salim Junior claimed before he died, that Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri promised him a piece of land in Subukia, Nakuru County, worth Ksh 1.5 million during the burial of his brother Salim Junior in February 2016.

It is a promise that has never been honored since.

Mighty Salim Junior top tracks included Ndutura Karimu, Githioro wa Ngurai, and Jafuleta.