What A Pencil Did To The Haves Not

What lessons do we draw from Teresiah and James story ? The two siblings caught on video in an arguing over what to buy with Ksh 10, have certainly changed the fortunes of their family for good.

For us cheerleaders, supporters, and well wishers, we continue to draw several lessons:

Conflicts Are Part Of Societal Growth

Look at the end result of the conflict over the utilization of a limited resource-Ksh 10, amidst divergent interests: 2 Pencils Vs a Pencil and an eraser. As a country there is so much we can unpack from two siblings.

Some have said the two siblings can provide a template on how to get over the division of revenue impasse. More over, the two siblings are a reminder of our failure as a country to heal together post 2008 conflict.

Women Are The Backbone Of Society

The mother gave the daughter Ksh 10. Based on stories I have read about the family, 10 shillings might have been a stretch.

It is plausible she used all she had not on food, but on school supplies for her children. What does this say about our mothers? In addition, what I cannot get out of my mind is the question of why she chose to give the money to the girl and not the boy.

Are girls better custodians of resources? Is it possible the mother was working with the wisdom of Ghanaian scholar Kwegyir Aggrey: “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)”

There Is A Hero In Everyone

Society is surrounded by heroes and all it takes is one moment to summon these heroes into action.

The outpouring love, support, and care for the family that Kenyans have shown is a reminder of the cliche: “What unites us as a country is more than what divides us.”

Your Vote Your Life

The hopes of aspirations for a decent shot at life for most people takes a turn for the worst every 5 years.

We elect leaders who spend so much money on campaigns, yet we never stop to ask: “Why are they spending so much money to be elected and earn so little (compared to what they have spent)?”

The answer is these politicians aim for one thing while in office-and no, it is not public service. Their mission is to eat. Simple.

And as they eat and belch from the comfort of their air conditioned offices, they forget the sacrosanct duty of lifting voters from the yokes of poverty…

Its The Little Things That Matter Most In Life

Your phone can make or break the fortunes of another human being.

It doesn’t take an expensive phone to capture the next inspiring story.


Please do not call anyone Mukamo.

You might ignite a revolution.