Mutahi Ngunyi’s Runda Mansion Burns Down

Mutahi Ngunyi's Runda Mansion Burns Down
Mutahi Ngunyi's Runda Mansion Burns Down

Mutahi Ngunyi, a political analyst, is counting his losses after his Runda mansion caught fire on Wednesday, July 14, an hour after midnight.

The event happened around 1:45 a.m., according to the furious analyst in a statement.

He went on to say that he had lived in the residence for 27 years and that the incident happened just hours after he had filmed a video analyzing the Kiambaa violence in 2008.

My house in Runda for 27 years went on fire at 1:45 a.m. Itumbi, you told the Hustlers at 2:01 a.m. About 16 minutes later. That is after I talked about Kiambaa violence of 2008 on 5th Estate

Mutahi Ngunyi

Dennis Itumbi, a blogger, was the first to break the news, but he did it in a less serious tone, which led to a back-and-forth between him and Ngunyi.

Dear Fire Brigade, please rush and save Mutahi Ngunyi’s Runda House from fire. NMS (Nairobi Metropolitan Services), quick action for a guy who supports you if nothing else. Hope the man is safe and family ok. Other than the tweet, I can only pray that you suffer the least damage and be safe

Dennis Itumbi

Itumbi also posted a photo of a piece of the two-story building’s roof on fire.

Mutahi Ngunyi Responds

Ngunyi, on the other hand, provided a photo of the house after the fire, which showed broken glass windows and a collapsed roof.

A few hours later, Itumbi replied to Ngunyi’s announcement claiming that he sensed mischief in the manner in which the latter shared information about the tragedy.

“I note the attempt to tie in mischief, but I ignore. If you ever witness/suffer such tragedy, text real time if you can, I will tweet before the 16th minute.

“Not withstanding what you have talked about hours before. By the way, it takes courage to market your channel, at such moments!” noted Itumbi.

For years, the two have been on opposing political sides, with Itumbi supporting Deputy President William Ruto and Ngunyi being one of the DP’s harshest critics.