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Nyahururu Man Shot Dead, Dowry Money Stolen

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Nyahururu man who was a trader based at Ndeiya Shopping Centre in Kiambu County, was attacked and shot dead in broad daylight by three thugs.

The thugs arrived on a motorcycle shortly after 1 p.m., as John Wanderi was opening his shop.

The gangsters were wearing masks, according to an eyewitness. They snatched an envelope from the Nyahururu man and dashed away.

“He looked at me, walked casually, and got on a bike.” “They took an envelope from him, which we believe contained money,” said the witness.

According to one of the town’s traders, the envelope contained dowry money.

He had gone to a nearby bank to withdraw the money.

The 34-year-old businessman hoped to become a respected member of society by paying dowry for his wife in Nyahururu.

According to a brother who was with him minutes before his death, the Nyahururu man had decided to postpone going to his shop in order to withdraw the cash first.

The money was placed in an envelope, and the businessman dressed in a long coat to conceal the large package.

He took a matatu back to his workplace.

Mr Wanderi met his elder brother upon exiting the PSV, who spoke briefly with him before they parted ways.

“We believe the envelope contained a significant amount of money, which they stole before fleeing while pointing their firearms at anyone who seemed to raise an alarm,” the trader said.

After a few minutes, the brother heard a loud noise followed by screams. He moved in the direction of the screams.

People were running towards the brother.

“Turn your vehicle around! Your brother has been shot, and you need to get him to the hospital as soon as possible!” Someone yelled.

He was shocked to learn that John Wanderi had been shot.

The good Samaritans assisted in picking up his brother and transporting him to a nearby hospital.

“When we arrived at the hospital, he was still gasping for air. To try to compensate for the massive fluid loss, the doctors quickly hooked him up to an oxygen machine and inserted an IV tube. Unfortunately, it did not work, and he died as a result “said the brother.

The late had withdrawn the money from a bank earlier and it was said the 31-year-old businessman was planning to pay dowry very soon in Nyahururu.

Rosylin Mnyolmo, the sub-county police chief in Ndeiya, confirmed the incident, saying the robbers shot Wanderi at close range and killed him instantly.

Mnyolmo urged traders and villagers with information that could assist police in apprehending the thugs to come forward.

According to the hospital report, Mr Wanderi was shot in the back and the bullet grazed the left side of his chest.

He died as a result of internal bleeding.

The deceased’s Nyahururu man’s body was taken to Tigoni Funeral Home.

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