Politicians & The Youth Empowerment Scam

Politicians & The Youth Empowerment Scam
Politicians & The Youth Empowerment Scam

Politicians cajole and coax youthful voters with new sets of promises and others heavily induce the process with sweeteners.

Almost every weekend, politicians traverse all across the country with a recycled and tired message to the youths:

we are here for you and we are with you.

Kenyan Politician

Unfortunately, the shimmering shimmer and pompousness exuded by politicians easily distracts the youths. The youths fail to see beyond empty and blinding promises.

These politicians recruit some youths as foot soldiers. They surround the politician like overzealous attack dogs yearning to pounce on opponents at the slightest opportunity.

These youths are doing everything and anything to endear themselves to their masters. As handlers,they either carry out assignments on behalf of their principals or execute their own agenda.

The Crazy Jubilee Government

There was once the laptop project promised by the crazy Jubilee government.It’s been 8 years since the promise was made. Yet there are no signs in the foreseeable future that children in class 1 will get the laptops.

Please tell me, why is it that politicians never donate laptops to public primary schools seeing that Jubilee has been unable to do so?

You will never see politicians cutting ribbons to officially open libraries they managed to build and stock!

The good news is that our politicians are not stupid.

Politicians Are Scared

One may argue that politicians are afraid to offer young minds opportunities. Ones that are likely to emancipate them from shackling poverty.

Given these tools at a young age children can learn how to code, or network with other school going children in different parts of the world in what is now a global village.

The benefit here is that children become more than just their local environment.

They form part of a diverse, border less world where the stratosphere, not the sky, is the limit.

Do you think politicians are crazy to empower the youths that way! If they do, who will dance and gyrate for the politicians come the next rally?

Or who will be the recipient of nduthis or T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase “utawezana!”