Asbestos Is A Threat to Nanyuki High School Students

Asbestos Is A Threat to Nanyuki High School Students
Asbestos Is A Threat to Nanyuki High School Students

Asbestos roofing at Nanyuki high school raises safety threats to students and staff.

Fanuel Mosago, director of Laikipia Nema, said sheets wear off naturally. The Asbestos date back so many years during the colonial period, posing people a health risk. According to the NEMA director,the asbestos should be replaced with iron sheets.

Nanyuki high school management has called on the government and well wishers to come to their aid. Helping them replace asbestos roofing which covers 99 per cent of school buildings.

According to the school principal Oliver Minishi , a walk they held early this year helped them raise shillings 1.2 million. Whereas the required amount being shillings 16 million.


The asbestos roofing has been declared as hazardous. It contains chemicals that can cause cancer if one uses water harvested from the roof.

The school has all its buildings done with the cancer causing roofing. Ironically,the government has been adamant to fund the project.

Board of Management Chairman Mburu Mungai called on all former students to chip in and raise the standards of the institution. The school is currently a national school and he has also called on other companies to come to their aid.

Minishi who spoke when the school officially opened a new Library said they intend to replace the asbestos roofing. The National Environment Management Authority (Nema) warned of hazards posed by the sheets but the cost was enormous.

The asbestos roofing covers some offices, classes, laboratories and teachers quarters within the school.

The principal hinted that they were no longer harvesting water from the school roof. Afraid of subjecting the students to the cancerous metals. They were also concerned about the runoff water that ends up in the school farm where they grow vegetables for school.

According to Nema, asbestos is carcinogenic once it wears off. Local officials warning that it should be removed as directed by the Environmental Agency.

The whole process of replacing and disposing the waste would go to over 16 million shillings.