Tuskys Replaces Choppies At Nanyuki Mall

Tuskys Replaces Choppies At Nanyuki Mall
Tuskys Replaces Choppies At Nanyuki Mall

Tuskys Limited opened its 60th branch in the tourist town of Nanyuki. The store now occupies the main section of Nanyuki Mall.

This comes a week after Choppies Stores exited the premise over poor performance in sales.

Tuskys becomes the third retail store to operate within the mall. Nakumatt stores occupied the space in 2018 before being evicted by the tenant over failure to pay rent and suppliers.

The doors were instantly opened at about 11 am excited shoppers poured in to get a taste of what was on sale. Perhaps to quench their thirst for a variety of items that they missed from previous shops to the close of operation.

Tuskys Nanyuki Technicians and shop assistants were engrossed in a web of activity. Attempting to do the final touches on preparing the store for public use.

Against All Odds

At the entrance hang the brightly colored Name sign post. Perhaps showing Tuskys Nanyuki ‘s tremendous resilience to excel in a market where predecessors struggled and left.

According to a customer Paul Githinji, residents weren’t expecting the shop to open early. Even despite seeing the banner raised a week ago with a notice of the retail shop’s coming soon. Many predicted that the shop will be in operation late December the soonest.

We have in the past seen such notifications which last for months. We were shocked that Tuskys Nanyuki only made it in a week. Our hope is that they are here to stay and we welcome them.


Locals expect to see customer friendly prices on commodities. They argued that with the current state of economy every shopper is wary of what he is spending.

Now, before choosing items, one must first take note of all the costs. Impulse buying is long gone and it must be taken by the management to ensure that they attract and keep the customers..

Vehicle owners have also voiced outrage about the parking fees paid in and outside the parking lot of the Nanyuki Mall.

They want it to be eliminated and other methods used to deal with those parking their cars there to escape county charges.