Rapper Cannibal Journey To Salvation From Illuminati

Rapper Cannibal Journey To Salvation From Illuminati
Rapper Cannibal Journey To Salvation From Illuminati

Rapper Cannibal stunned many when he switched from secular to evangelical music, at the height of his popularity. Cannibal the Chosen is his new moniker.

The veteran musician has a long history in the music industry. We’ve been hearing his music since the early 1990s.

Rapper Cannibal, or Ralph Sandal Masai, is the latest artist to abandon secular music, which is now widely known for its horrible deeds.

The rapper admitted that at the height of his fame, he was indoctrinated into satanic worship by a demonic agent who contacted him with the promise of making him famous and wealthy.

During an interview with gospel singer Mbuvi on TV47, the rapper revealed why he was saved.

A Tanzanian singer who travelled to Kenya looking for him under the guise of seeking collaborations allegedly recruited him into a satanic cult, according to the Mombasa rapper.

The Tanzanian singer was introduced to him by his old music partner Sharama, according to the singer of “My City, My Town.”

Rapper Cannibal Roots Of Music

His parents were opposed to him joining the music scene, fearing for his safety due to the immorality and criminal behaviors that were prevalent at the time.

With time, he climbed to fame and began earning money from music, and his parents chose to fully support him as his career progressed.

His music improved, and he met people like Sharama, with whom he created a partnership that became quite successful.

Later, the duo collaborated on several projects with MauMau, a Nairobi-based music group, and Ukoo Flani, a Mombasa-based music group.

When rapper Cannibal met this Tanzanian guy who was interested in him and Sharama, his life took a different turn.

He decided to invite the man over because he was from a neighbouring country because of the act of compassion in their community.

The Tanzanian ”Musician”

Huyu msanii alicome akaenda ile mtaa Sharama alikua wakakutana so Sharama akacome through na yeye mahali mimi nlikua akani introduce ‘huyu msanii ametoka Tanzania anafanya hivi na hivi’ nkajua ni msanii kumbe alikua na mambo yake.

Rapper Cannibal

During his stay in Mombasa, the Bongo musician told him he was involved in satanic activities, but the Kenyan rapper didn’t take him seriously at first.

The guy then later on revealed to him that he has 324 demon agents commonly known as majini in Swahili.

Cannibal’s mother became curious and told the man she wanted to see the agents for herself.

Akaniambia bana mimi nina majini mia tatu ishirini na nne, nkapuuzia. Lakini kuna siku moja akasema mbele ya my mom and dad hapo sitting room usiku kama saa sita hivi akasema anapeperuka usiku. My mom akamuambia leo tunataka tuzione hizo vitu zako. Akasema sawa.

Rapper Cannibal

The man requested a fresh piece of paper and garlic while turning out the lights in the sitting room. He then put the garlic in his mouth and bit it.

Cannibal described the sound he heard as that of cutting wood. A tremendous gust of wind surrounded the house, and strange voices began to talk.

The Tanzanian guest summoned evil spirits in the form of an old man into their house, and from that day henceforth everything changed.

Cannibal claimed that the spirits that had camped in their home instructed him on what to do, and that he was recruited into demon worship.

More Problems

According to the man, eating flesh would make him a famous celebrity in the music world and allow him to shine.

We were living with demons unknowingly, so ule jamaa akawa ako pale ametake over. Kuna vitu alikua ananipa nakula, ananiambia hii ukikula nyota yako itang’aa utakua msanii mkali. Mimi nakula kumbe ananipa nyama za watu wamekufa

Rapper Cannibal

Things worsened, according to the Mombasa rapper, once the evil spirits began sucking his blood.

He became quite ill, and when he was admitted to the hospital, doctors were unable to diagnose him with any illness.

As a well-known artist, he was bankrupt to the point of running out of food and having no gigs.

This was the exact opposite of what the man had said regarding his career intentions.

Cannibal had gotten to a point where he could converse with the demons from midnight to four a.m.

He was informed in advance about his cheating girl friend, who she was with, where they were going, and how they were dressed.

This alarmed his ex-girlfriend, who ended the relationship.

Rapper Cannibal Meets Salvation

Cannibal’s mother, on the other hand, met a Christian woman who had a prophecy regarding the rapper’s problematic lifestyle.

He was converted to Christianity after the woman prayed for him. Evil spirits fled when their house was anointed.

Cannibal, on the other hand, did not receive salvation right away; he had numerous meetings with demon worshippers who sought to recruit him back.

His encounters with supposed demonic marketers did not end there, according to the rapper, who claims he was approached by a slew of additional ‘Illuminati agents’ who wanted to sign him as a musician for Sh100 million.

‘When I went to sign the contract, the man instructed me to use my blood as a seal,”

Before abandoning secular music, the rapper made headlines following a failed gig in Dubai.

After only three people showed up for the show, his performance in Dubai was one of the worst by any Kenyan artist.

Ati jamaa amebadilisha imani kwa sababu ya kakitu. Watu wanongea ongea lakini, I’m not here for the money, but for the word and the gospel. Kwa sababu maandiko pia yanasema, seek first the kingdom of God, and all shall be given to you. So, first and foremost, I want to manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit in this country because they are priceless.

Rapper Cannibal

After running for the MCA seat in Mtopanga Ward, Mombasa county in the 2017 general election, the Mombasa rapper committed his life to Christ in 2017.

Rapper Cannibal claimed that his opponents defeated him by witchcraft. When he was vying for the seat, he wished he could have been saved.