Revolution : Kenya Is Not Ready For Politicians

Revolution : Kenya Is Not Ready For Politicians
Revolution : Kenya Is Not Ready For Politicians

Revolution begets Evolution in Human Life. But the dark forces that had blocked revolution in Africa distracted minds of Africans. Revolution is therefore linked to violence.

Revolutionaries are the most intelligent and the most intellectual people. White Colonies were deeply concerned about allowing African people to lead themselves.They would not allow them to join the leadership ranks in the colonies of the African countries. Up to date ,we still see neocolonialism happening.

But how ? You ask. By imposing the brainwashed people and calling them Politicians. Since independence many Africans have suffered at the hand of politicians.

Their operations in Kiswahili are known as “SI ASA” SI ASA which means Untruthful Behavior!

Political Revolutionaries

Political revolutionaries should not be associated with violence.

This is simply because revolutionaries apply a lot of leftist smart measures to politics. In their engagements, these people use knowledge and skills which resonate with the general population.

Practicing humility which in terms of leadership and governance is a very fundamental element in the progress of human life.

For example, Nelson Mandela, Mwalimu Julius Kabarage Nyerere, Kwameh Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Julius Malema, Patrice Lumumba, Samora Machell, Dr John Pombe Magufuli, and Joseph Thomas Odhiambo Mboya are revolutionaries that did not use violence in their pursuit for liberation.


These leaders saved humanity without tribalism or racial motives. They never grabbed public resources like the politicians in Kenya and Africa have been doing. This goes against the wishes of the people and the fundamentals of good governance.

Revolutionaries are committed peacekeepers who serve the nation, for it to fulfill its hopes and dreams at all costs. More so to hand back power to the people.

Unlike politicians who divide people along tribal, racial or religious lines, they always leave a united country. Politicians do that to cover their bad deeds of corruption as is the case in all African countries today.

Africa needs to rethink its way of leadership. Citizens need to elect leaders based on integrity and their ability to perform.