World Tourism Awards 2019 Winners And Losers

World Tourism Awards 2019 Winners And Losers
World Tourism Awards 2019 Winners And Losers

World Tourism Awards have been developed to recognize, honor and promote achievement across all key sectors of the travel and hospitality industry.

The distinguished 2019 Honorees are recognized for outstanding initiatives related to travel and tourism sector.

And also for the promotion of sustainable tourism and the development of programs for local communities.

ASILIA Recognised

Asilia empowers key wilderness areas in East Africa, benefiting both people and nature.

By making bold and often pioneering investments in areas that are ecologically and economically vulnerable.

Their aim is to turn these areas into viable conservation economies, benefiting both local communities and the environment.

They work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs and industry partners to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for all concerned.

With the support tourists, they are able to make the most significant positive effect on improving these places.

This includes the people and animals who call them home.

At The World Travel Market London 2019 – A World Tourism Award was also presented to Asilia Africa, in recognition of Asilia’s multi-pronged approach to make a positive impact on the local communities, wildlife and vital ecosystems of East Africa. Through this holistic approach, they are able to empower these crucial wilderness areas as well as the people who call them home. Fiona Herring, Agent Relationship Manager- Europe, accepted the Award on behalf of Asilia Africa.


Mara Naboisho

A clear example of their work is The Mara Naboisho Conservancy.

The Conservancy of Mara Naboisho is a perfect example of the power of collaboration.

Ten years ago, this vital 200 kilometers squared ecological corridor surrounding the famed Masai Mara Reserve was depleted

Intense herding and numerous tourism activities endangered it.

The roughly 500 families living in this area are experiencing dark times.

Asilia took the lead and reached out to five other ecotourism owners.

Its establishing a collective wildlife conservation association along with the regional Maasai.

Naboisho and Encounter Mara camps are situated within this outstanding conservation area, helping to protect this valuable wildlife habitat.