Sack Agriculture Cs Munya – Mca Tochim

Sack Agriculture CS Peter Munya for failing to curb the locust menace with the latest invasion being Tenges ward. Tenges Ward MCA Silas Tochim has called upon the President to act.

Mwangi Kiunjuri’s sack meant that Munya will come in with solutions to tame the Locusts. In fact, MCA Tochim shares these views.

We can still see the same problem. The government should also fire CS Munya. He has not assisted in anyway in addressing the matter. As a matter of fact ,he is complicating the issue further. The president needs to crack the whip.

MCA Tochim

Natural Agriculture remedies

Let us not spray the locust. For instance, spraying will have severe effects on the environment. The ecosystem is going to be affected especially living things like bees and reptiles.

He further called upon the government to intervene on the issue before it is too late. Needless to say that they have ravaged the vegetation which will automatically lead to hunger and starvation.

“I’m also calling upon the Ministry of Disasters in Baringo County. They need to assess the harm experienced in the region so far. Hence, they can see how they can help address the challenges posed by the insects,” he said.

Affected areas in the ward include Emom, Mogorwa, Eitui, Kisonei and Eitui villages in Tenges ward/. This follows remarks the Agriculture CS made a few days ago on national televison.

Locusts Will Grow Old And Die

CS Peter Munya has surprised Kenyans after claiming that locusts will soon die of old age. He maintains that the insects mature and are no longer a threat to plants and crops.

While addressing locals at Meru’s Gakurune Primary School, Munya has been specific that yellow-colored locusts will succumb to cold weather and aging.

The life cycle of a locust
The life cycle of a locust

The CS also claimed that eggs from locusts don’t thrive on a tree. Locusts mostly lay eggs on the ground, or even on a tree where there is limited possibility of survival.

The Ministry deployed a group of 21 young people who had received training to spray insects. CS Munya says that locusts can serve as food, for anyone with the skill to trap them is free to eat them.