Exotic Dancing On The Rise In Kenya Night Life Scene

Exotic Dancing On The Rise In Kenya Night Life Scene
Exotic Dancing On The Rise In Kenya Night Life Scene

Exotic dancers / Strippers have always been coined to jezebels and hussies, and loved by philanders. Strippers get a bad rap but why?

Where did these teasing women come from? Adult entertainment can be found dating all the way back to the stone ages.

Today, I had an opportunity to interact with some strippers also known as exotic dancers. A stripper or exotic dancer is a person whose occupation involves performing striptease in a public adult entertainment venue such as a strip club.

At times, a stripper may be hired to perform at a bachelor party or other private event. The dance sessions are normally located in VIP areas of high end clubs and entertainment joints.

A mesmerizing striptease have men tossing cash at tart ladies everywhere on the world for quite a long time, however where did this type of sensual moving beginning?

Now let’s go back to the main story where I got a few lessons that can help ladies out here in Kalahari desert where men don’t want to spend on them.

It’s a tough world I understand my dear ladies, nowadays even the monied have grown wise with their spending on the other gender.

Strippers Are Intelligent

Most strippers are graduates. These are the smartest brains that ranked top in class whether it’s college or university. All the strippers that I had a conversation with regards to their career ,had degrees and were previously employed.

Some were working in NGOs, Government Agencies and businesses.

As our conversation progresses, Barma (stage name) tells me anything worth having in life is worth working for.

That includes pole skills (exotic dancing).

It’s all about your stage presence.

How you walk ,how you move, how you give eye contact to the crowd.

What you are doing on the floor.

How you walk around the pole, your sex appeal and just the more you feel free and comfortable, the easier it gets.

Erica (stage name) says she likes it because it’s so dynamic. Its like you’re up , you’re down literally playing with gravity and physics when you are up there.

The best thing about strippers, and exotic dancing in general is that there’s always something to be learned.

You could be at level 10, and learn something from somebody at a level 1. This is because each stripper has their own style & flows, and everybody’s style and flow is different.

One On One

Stripping is the highest pressure sales job one could ever have. This is most likely because you are dealing with a highly critical customer base already.

And you are selling the experience, not just the beauty of your body.

You could be the most beautiful girl in the club, most perfect body, most perfect hair, everything‚Ķand if you’ve got a bad attitude and no principles, you don’t know how to carry on a conversation, and all you want is that money from that person and you make it very obvious, you’re not going to make any money.It’s not going to happen.

Eica, Professional Exotic Dancer

Now, if you are a girl that does extras, then you going to make more money than a girl who doesn’t do anything extra downright.

A lot of guys who visit pole dancing clubs ,are going there looking for more than just a lap dance.

Social Media & Pole Dancing

It really feels necessary to have a social media presence as a stripper / exotic dancer.

To be active with it, and to interact with fans and followers. Being able to be really successful as a model ,as a stripper and as a brand ambassador.

Stacy (stage name) says social media has made it easier for her to dance on a more consistent basis, and learn new skills at home ,or anytime she wants.

It feels incredible because she’s able to express herself with dance to people at any time of the day whenever she feels like it.

A lot of times exotic dancers work with photographers hence adobe programs are crucial in this trade.

It comes with full creative freedom when it comes to making more artistic images and videos that push the envelope.

The way creative content is colored, the lighting and the outfit; it’s all calculated. This takes the art to a whole new level.

The Side Hustle

Nikki (stage name) got into teaching private pole dancing lessons out of her house.

Girls would see her at the high end clubs in the otskirts of Nairobi busting out on the pole and would be like whoa “I don’t dance anything like that, I’d like you to teach how to do these moves!”

Most of her clients are strippers / exotic dancers. Each student is unique. Some are shy and others are outright brave.

It’s a very rewarding feeling to see your students do moves that you taught them and to see them perfect the moves.

It’s like a visual manifestation of your hard work going and being transferred into somebody else.

And now Nikki can look at her students and be in awe when she sees them dancing.

Miranda came to Nikki to help her clean her moves and get technical. She’s also an exotic dancer who is self taught and she’s phenomenal.

She found her Nikki on social media.

Exotic dancing is incredible empowering.

Nikki, Exotic Dancer

According to Erica in order to be a millionaire, you’ve got to have different multiple ways of income.

She does paid photography where clients request for her photos and she sells them to them.