Succession Politics : Raymond Is Dropping Hints

Succession Politics : Raymond Is Dropping Hints
Succession Politics : Raymond Is Dropping Hints

Succession politics are in top gear. Raymond Moi is now dropping hints in regards to that. For a while, Raymond Moi has been silent as far as succession politics are concerned.

Raymond Moi is the third-born son of late President Daniel Arap Moi. He is the current Rongai constituency Member of Parliament

The Rongai MP nearly revealed his political stand on the succession politics of President Uhuru Kenyatta. This was at his father’s burial in Kabarak (Nakuru County) on February 12, 2020.

Raymond Moi named his younger brother, Gideon Moi. The Baringo senator is also the chairman of Kanu and the most preferred political successor to the former president.

The senator got their father’s rungu from Rift valley elders as a sign of endorsement.

The Succession Rungu

Many political observers say that Gideon will replace President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

The passing over of Moi ‘s signature rungu is the beginning of a strategic plan to groom the Baringo senator. The rungu used to be a sign of power for 24 years of Moi’s presidency.

However, Gideon seems to have a political challenge to conquer in his attempt to unseat Deputy President William Ruto as Kingpin of the Rift Valley.

Political analysts have observed that elders in the region are divided over who to endorse. One section wants Gideon Moi while another section wants William Ruto to be the flag bearer.

Raymond Moi has cautioned anyone eyeing his seat. He hopes that Gideon runs for the presidency in 2022 so that he gets an opportunity to choose between the senatorial or gubernatorial Baringo seat.

It was just the other day that he spoke at the funeral ceremony in Soin.

The son of Moi has put on notice all his political enemies.

I am not scared of my enemies. I ‘m prepared for them and I’m going to beat them much like I managed in 2013 and 2017 general elections.

Raymond Moi ,Rongai MP

Rongai Stiff Competition

Raymond Moi is now faced with tough competition. More than ten serious candidates have expressed their interest in unseating him as Rongai MP.

There have also been rumours of Raymond disputing Nakuru’s Senate seat as outgoing senator Susan Kihika intends to take on Governor Lee Kinyanjui.

Nakuru is Jubilee stronghold thus presenting a KANU candidate to them will be an uphill task. Raymond Moi will need to be very strategic. After all ,he is the only KANU legislature in the entire region which comprises of 11 constituencies.

A heated discussion emerged in Rongai following the MP’s sentiments.

Mixed reactions characterized by criticism and praise followed him. Some locals feel he is preparing them for his political exit as Rongai MP and some see it as a strategy to scare his political opponents ahead of 2022 elections.

Riding On His Fathers Popularity

A section of Rongai residents think that Raymond Moi has been winning because of his late father’s influence in the region.

On the other hand,Raymond has disputed those claims indicating that the electorate vote for him because of his solid track record.

Joseph Kibusia, a former chief strategist of Raymond Moi’s 2013 election campaign thinks that his former boss is scared of the future. Joseph claims the MP for Rongai is not sure whether he will retain his seat in 2022 general elections.

Raymond Moi has no one to rely on since his dad past away. Year after year he’s been loosing ground support.

Joseph Kibusia, Former campaign manager for Raymond moi

A former Nakuru Woman Representative seat contestant has also rubbished off Raymond Moi’s claims. Ms Gladys Kamuren vied under the Chama Cha Mashinani ticket IN 2017.

Raymond is known for selling his candidature through fear and intimidating opponents.He ‘s known for tricks like this buthis days are numbered. Cosmetic development records will soon be exposed in 2022.There is nothing to smile about in the five wards in Rongai. No electricity, water and dilapidated roads decorate the region. He talks big with nothing to support his big empty words

Ms Kamuren

Ms Gladys Kamuren is now a Jubilee Party foot soldier trading their gospel deep in the villages.