Suspects Of A Triple Homicide Arraigned In Court

Suspects Of A Triple Homicide Arraigned In Court
Suspects Of A Triple Homicide Arraigned In Court

Suspects involved in one of the most gruesome murders in the history of Nanyuki are now facing life behind bars.

Peter Mwaura Mugure appeared in court alongside his accomplice in Nanyuki Town on Monday.

The two suspects were involved a horrific murder that has grabbed news headlines across the country.

Peter Mugure is a 34-year-old army officer at Kenya Air force headquarters Nanyuki town.

He is the main suspect in the death of three family members )his wife and two children).

Law enforcement officers are relying on evidence from military junior officers who might have knowledge about the murder.

In a court affidavit, police officers asked for more time to retain the two suspects at the police cells. They want to conclude the investigations that might lead to the arrests of more suspects.


Collins Pamba, who is a casual worker at the Laikipia Air Base Seniors Mess, is the main accomplice in the homicide case.

Central Region senior Assistant Prosecutor, Peter Mailanyi demanded that the two be held for 21 more days.

That will allow investigators to complete their work on the grounds that more suspects were being sought.

We believe there are other suspects who are still at large who were involved in this murder and the police need to trace and arrest them. The first respondent is a senior military officer and we have likely witnesses within his place of work who are junior officers under him, it is our submission that if released on bail being a senior officer he might interfere with witnesses as they are directly under his command

Peter Mailanyi , Central Region senior Assistant Prosecutor,

He also noted that there were other personal items belonging to the deceased that are yet to be recovered.

Thus the two suspects would be required in the investigation that would lead to their recovery.

Chief Magistrate Lucy Mutai directed that major Mugure and Collins Pamba be incarcerated at Nanyuki and Naromuru police stations respectively.


Postmortems and forensic examinations of the three bodies is yet to be done.

They are lying at the Nanyuki Teaching and Referral hospital mortuary.

The Homicide department from DCI headquarter has taken up the matter.

It will still need more time to visit several scenes of crime to pile up necessary evidence that will lead to the prosecution of the two suspects after the lapse of the 21 days.

The phone belonging to Syombua needs to be scrutinized for more leads.

Mugure was arrested on Saturday. After being grilled for hours, he led detectives to the defunct Nanyuki Municipal Council cemetery.

The graveyard is loacted in Thingithu estate, Nanyuki town. At the scene there where three bodies of the victims which were later exhumed.

Suspects’ Lawyer

Major Mugure’s lawyers, Mwangi Wanjohi told the court that the investigating officer has been hostile to them.

He urged the court to direct that they be given time to talk to their client.

The court made a decision directing him to liase with the DCI on how they will get in touch with their clients.

The two suspects were escorted under heavy security by scores of police officers, detectives and army officers from Laikipia Airbase.

Angry residents camped outside the courtroom baying for their blood.

The Call

In October 26 this year, Joyce Syombua reportedly received a call from his estranged husband.

They had sired two children, Shanice and prince Michael.

Peter Mugure claimed he wanted to meet them in Nanyuki town, his work station.

Sources indicate that Syombua arrived at Laikipia Airbase the same day.

Records show that Syombua was in constant communication with her relatives.

Her mobile phone was later recovered abandoned in a 4NTE matatu that had commuted from Nakuru.

However reports indicate that this may have been planted there as cover up.

The court will make further directions on December 9 when the matter will be discussed.