Keroche Breweries Ltd Rise & Fall To The Bottom

Keroche Breweries Ltd Rise & Fall To The Bottom
Keroche Breweries Ltd Rise & Fall To The Bottom

Keroche Breweries Company’s family faces have stayed at the top, with family conflicts and drama surfacing in the business, as well as the family’s humongous lifestyle being intimately linked to the Company.

One of the family’s daughters even started a bottled water business using the Keroche Breweries’ production and distribution infrastructure, possibly with no direct profit.

Keroche was unable to negotiate for a position away from the family. It failed to gain independence and autonomy, which would have protected it against mismanagement and exploitation.

It failed to develop long-term mechanisms that could endure its expansion patterns, resulting in increasing competition and attention.

Keroche Breweries was expected to attract local and international partners for mergers, direct production and manufacturing partnerships, or even start another franchise on its own.

This would aid in the acquisition of DFI, management skills, and even systematic auditing systems. The company would also go public on the NSE and sell its shares to the general public.

These would have given it indefinite life and protected it from both internal and external factors that could have sabotaged any business.

Keroche and its owners have been caught up in a cycle of failure. The firm is mired in a tax quagmire and lacks the resources to negotiate and navigate its way out.

A Comprehensive Board, a Company Secretary, and Professional Audit Systems are all missing from the company.

Madam Tabitha, the owner, possesses only the most basic management and negotiation skills, which are unfit for a company of that size and capacity.

In her wisdom, she believes that the best way to protect the firm and its interests is to get involved in politics, perhaps to enjoy the wave of impunity that comes with it!

With billions of shillings in tax arrears, job opportunities on the line, capital investments and assets at risk, and annual revenue in the millions, if not billions, Keroche Breweries requires better management, rational solutions, and a structured conflict and dispute resolution mechanism, not a political seat or position!