Important Money & Financial Lessons That Schools Don’t Teach

Important Money & Financial Lessons That Schools Don't Teach
Important Money & Financial Lessons That Schools Don't Teach

Why don’t we learn about money in school ? Because the government doesn’t want lecturers and teachers to teach that subject. The government tells them what they can teach and what they can’t teach.

Strange ,right ?! Aren’t we going to school to learn about money? No. Your job is to learn to get a job. Your job becomes to get a job after graduation. At the end of the school cycle. But ,isn’t it the purpose of a job to get money ?


If you want to learn about money ask any established entrepreneur. Entrepreneur and employees are two different world’s.

An entrepreneur must know about money. Or they are no longer entrepreneurs. An employee doesn’t have to know anything about money. The latter doesn’t have to know because the company or government (employer) will take care of him.

Entrepreneurs work for free. The moment you work for a paycheck,you start thinking like an employee. Someone will ask how “do I make money without a salary (paycheck)”? That’s what entrepreneurs figure out. To be an entrepreneur,you need to figure out how to make money without a salary (paycheck).

The Game Of Monopoly

There are many formulas for great success in money. There’s thousands of them. But one of the best ones found are in the game of Monopoly. Still is today. Four green houses,one red hotel. One of the greatest ways to acquire great wealth is playing Monopoly in real life.

Acquired assets become big assets.


People who are afraid of making mistakes ,like they teach in school, they don’t ever grow. You’ll have financial crashes ,people will stab you in the back but they are all good. And that’s spirituality.

In spirituality, there’s is right and there’s wrong , there’s bad and there’s good ,there’s up and there’s down. Most people don’t want to be right ,they want to be perfect. But you can’t have them . That’s not reality.

Poverty Starts…

Poverty starts from the mind. Most people come from families with a poor attitude not the physical poverty. Rich – poor middle class poverty starts with a fundamental attitude. Poverty is passed on. It’s taught in the families.

And middle class is taught in the families. So many people sitting at home who are making a lot of money , but are worried about money or unhappy with what they are doing – is probably something they were taught. Your super ego was taught in school to get a job work hard or you’ll never be rich.

School systems will never teach you about money. The system is designed to teach you to be an employer. But never about money. And what most people lack is the real business knowledge like accounting,debt ,taxes etc.

That is the reason why its hard to get rid of poverty completely among nations. The poor will always be amongst us because it starts from the mind. If you say you can’t afford it or I can’t do that it gets manifested in your life. Words become flesh. You become what you say. When you say I can’t afford it or I can’t do that because I don’t have money ; it becomes an excuse.

Poor people will always come up with excuses as an escape plan. Instead of excuses ,a rich mentality would ask questions. How can I afford it ? How can I do that ? What would it take or why should I do that ? A question opens the mind. A statement shuts the mind.


Find Your Game

The most obsolete idea is go to school ,get a job ,work hard ,save money ,get out debt and invest for the long-term in the stock market. Why would you save money while they are printing trillions of Kenya shillings? The gap between the 1% and the 99 % is massive .

You see its not just money. You have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

In every one of us there is a poor person. There is also a middle class person. And a middle class person who wants a steady paycheck. And there’s a rich person. They are all inside of us except that it’s not taught.

You’re taught to go to school,get a job and a paycheck. You are not taught how to get rich. The paycheck is one of the damaging things you can take in your life. You don’t want to be a slave to money.

The entrepreneur is not so much the business. It’s a combination of the mindset,a skill set and rules. Learn how to use debt and taxes. As a result, Debt and taxes make the rich more richer while making the middle class and poor more poorer.

Entrepreneurs Paradise

Some employees are making more money but the take home is less. A doctor getting 1 million gets creamed over 700K and the take home is less than 400K after taxes.

That’s not bad. But when an entrepreneur makes a million bucks ,his take home is a million bucks. Entrepreneurs have more control over their income ,how much they make and how much they pay on taxes. If an entrepreneur makes 1 million ,he’s 4 steps ahead of an employee.

After putting back the 1 million in the bank ,he gets a loan of 4 million from the bank. Today the banks are charging interest to save money. Otherwise they don’t need you money. They have printed too much of it. You should learn how to get into debt and use it to scale up the ladder.

Does a bad economy really exist? There’s no such thing as a bad economy. The internal economy influences the external economy. The internal economy is your perception – your mindset. If you think the economy is bad ,is because your personal internal economy is bad. It’s an internal focus versus the external focus.

A real entrepreneur ,whether they fall down or they go, they’ll always stand up and go higher. No matter what happens to them, they get stronger, better, smarter and happier.

But a person with a weak internal mindset are so afraid of what happens and it generally happens. So the entrepreneur controls what is inside them but not what is outside.

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