Laikipia County Administrator On The Spot For Impregnating Interns

Laikipia County Administrator On The Spot For Impregnating Interns
Laikipia County Administrator On The Spot For Impregnating Interns

Administrator of the Red Sea, as he is called, seems to have drowned in his swimming adventures.

His bizarre behavior has left locals in that county shocked, just as the BBI Steering Committee was shocked when five judges declared the bill unconstitutional.

Officials at the county are baffled after the rogue man impregnated four interns and then fled to another county after the scandal was exposed.

The man was seen launching monocotyledon and dicotyledon seeds under the name of relief food.

The administrator (name redacted), who seems to live by the slogan “No intern shall be left unturned,” is accused of impregnating several interns in three years and then disappearing from office under the pretext of commissioning projects.

Machete The King

Most younger women on internships quickly fall for the office Don juan, who is said to be moderately attractive and a smooth operator.

All fingers are pointing to an administrator whose love for women at the county offices is legendary. The girls have claimed he is the one who did the damage. What’s more, the guy is always seen in the company of the interns

Intimate Sources At The County

Crazy Administrator

We observed that the administrator, who has now been dubbed Machete (the hyena) by his coworkers, has been absent from work after it was discovered that he was responsible for five recent pregnancies.

According to the source, the flirtatious administrator at the county government does not spare new and youthful staff or interns.

However, we cannot rule out the possibility that the pregnancies may have been caused by other individuals. A few of the girls who work at the county government are easily misled by senior individuals. And there’s a lot of cash here (at the county government). The four interns, on the other hand, have all alleged that Machete is to blame for their pregnancies.

Intimate Source

The interns served in various departments and were brought out to lunch by the administrator on separate days, with no knowledge of one another.

One of the ladies, who requested anonymity, told This Is Laikipia that the rogue administrator had offered to assist her in obtaining a permanent position with the county government because its less than a year to the next general elections.

Plum Job

“The administrator said that after I completed my three-year internship at the county, I would be offered a lucrative job. “I couldn’t say no to such an enticing offer,” she said.

She noted that when she came to realise that the administrator was a serial sex addict who preyed on interns and single mothers, it was already late as she was pregnant.

The young women have since been meeting and comparing notes, with intentions of forcing the rogue official into taking responsibility of the pregnancies.

“Since we discovered the administrator was ‘playing us’ and had impregnated all of us, we have met twice to compare information and opinions. He has been using the same lie of helping us get permanently employed once we are done with our internship,” said the 22 year-old woman.

The women now plan to conduct DNA tests once they give birth and ask the CPSB & This Is Laikipia to help them force the man to take responsibility.

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