How To Escape The Ahimaaz Syndrome

How To Escape The Ahimaaz Syndrome
How To Escape The Ahimaaz Syndrome

My favorite book in the Bible is the book of Samuel. In this book, we learn about the Ahimaaz Syndrome and the dangers this tendency to always be the one poses.

In the book of Samuel, we read about Ahimaaz the son of Zadok-the high priest during the time of Absalom’s rebellion against David. If you have forgotten your Sunday school teachings, Absalom was David’s son.

David loved his son Absalom, but we read in scripture that Absalom and his father did not get along. In fact, David went on exile because of the issues he was having with his son, Absalom

With David away from Jerusalem, home to the Ark of the Covenant, his priests Zadok and Abiathar, along with their sons, Ahimaaz and Jonathan were taking care of business. David also made it clear that he was to be updated about anything going on in Jerusalem.


While in exile, David was eager for a reunification with his son. During this period of separation between father and son, Absalom watched a few Bolo Yeung movies and grew rebellious against the reign of his father.

Scripture tells us that Absalom was a charismatic figure, handsome to look at, with an incredible chutzpah, just like the now octogenarian David in his younger years. Absalom wanted to overthrow the Kingdom, and he prepared chariots and horses and fifty men for this mission.

While in Jerusalem, Ahimaaz and Jonathan discovered that Absalom’s adviser, Ahithophel, was encouraging Absalom to attack David. It wasn’t strange when Joab, the commander of David’s armies killed Absalom.

Such news would be devastating to David.

We read in the scripture Ahimaaz begging to bring the news to David. Joab advised against it, because Ahimaaz had a reputation for bringing good news and David wasn’t going to classify his son’s death as such.

Joab sent a Cushite instead to deliver the news. After showing his disgruntlement he bugged Joab until he finally gave him permission to run too. He (Ahimaaz) took a shorter route and outran the Cushite to get to David first.


David was happy to see Ahimaaz and even says “He’s a good man. . . . He comes with good news.” David asked Ahimaaz for the news and the son of Zadok said he wasn’t sure what the message was. David told him to step aside and got the full gist from the Cushite.

Ahimaaz wasn’t content with others leading the show.He wanted to be the man on the spot. He had built a reputation as a harbinger of good tidings. Joab knew and understood this which is why he didn’t want to send him to deliver the crushing news but for some reason, Ahimaaz still wanted to go.

He didn’t want the light to shine on anybody else; hence, he went to extreme lengths to get to David before the Cushite.

When other people do not want you to shine, politely ask them to get medication for the Ahimaaz syndrome.