Ways to Know if Someone is Good-Hearted

Ways to Know if Someone is Good-Hearted
Ways to Know if Someone is Good-Hearted

Man hunting or whatever you will call it ,ladies ,you need to be keen when picking a lifetime partner.

Who should we pick for marriage ? Do we need someone with a good heart for marriage to work ? We’re taught to look for a guy who’s financially stable while growing up. Someone that can provide a decent life, a dream house etc.

Yet I thank God for rescuing me from men (suitors) who can give me a decent quality of life in this world yet skipped the greatest quality to search for when selecting a man to marry.

Unfortunately, many of these men are already leading the-not – so-good life. I found some cheating on their wife, others are in betting etcetera.

I am extremely grateful that I  selected a man who has a big heart, a man who is a work in progress, a guy with whom I can share my aspirations and develop those dreams together.

From within the real life of marriage you’ll realise several things. First, that having a big mansion, huge savings accounts are only secondary things.

Secondly, only by experiencing the vital things that make the basis for successful marriages can you become satisfied.

You will want somebody you can speak to about anything, whom you can trust, someone who is also a good dad to your kids, someone who’s sincere.

You need someone….

Someone who puts you first over anything else.

A man who shares the parenting load with you . 

Someone who can cheer you up when life is tough and difficult.

Someone that can see your worth and the way he behaves leaves you feeling like he hit the jackpot.

Somebody who happens to cheer you on your passion.

Someone that is courageous enough when you’re wrong to correct you too.

A man has a great heart, not just because he’s a great man, he’s a work in progress, and he’s trying to love you more because he loves God first of all.

His God is a Great Provider,a Gracious Dad and a Devoted Father.


There’s nothing wrong with men who are financially stable so don’t get me wrong. We also have affluent, established, and wealthy men who are also good men.

It’s just unfortunate that sometimes, convenience dominates over what really matters. Choose a guy with a good heart and loves God than you .

Once more, work in progress does not really mean that he is a lazy man who doesn’t have a dream or vision in his life.

Cash is just a device, a good tool for meeting the family’s needs and wishes, but cash isn’t all. Indeed to a loving family there is no price tag – the secret is only Christ at the heart.


Don’t worry about getting married to a work in progress man. Avoid falling into the trap of falling in love with what a man has instead of what a man is.