Amos Kimunya Is Back To His Old Habits

Amos Kimunya Is Back To His Old Habits
Amos Kimunya Is Back To His Old Habits

Amos Kimunya is not a changed man. His main sin appears to be his dictatorship and lack of leadership qualities. And from the look of things he is not going to change. Old habits die hard.

Jubilee government offered a lifeline to the former scandalous minister who served under the Grand Coalition government. Amos Kimunya has terribly failed in his first major assignment as the majority leader of the ruling party, Jubilee.

A parliamentary meeting chaired by Amos Kimunya turned chaotic when he tried to impose his preferred committee officials on the rest of the members. Things got worse when Kimunya trashed opinions from those present. As it appears, the sharing of Jubilee elimination slots is not going to be easy.

Details of the muddled select committee meeting chaired over by him have since leaked to the public. Amos Kimunya failed to acknowledge growing concerns from members over the need to change some of the names in the committee membership list.  Regardless of appeals from both sides of the political divide.

Amos Kimunya Goes To War With A Wooden Sword

The extremely electric consultation exposed Kimunya as a village maniac. One who is unable to fill in the big shoes Duale left/

Sources indicate that he bluntly yelled at his fellow parliamentarians who’s only crime was requesting more dialogue. In his defense, Amos Kimunya claimed the list had the blessings of the party leader, Uhuru Kenyatta. Unfortunately, he maintained his position citing that he could not change even a comma.

Members were up in arms over his stand, branding Amos Kimunya as a despot. Some would remind him that there used to be a man named Duale sitting in the same seat. A senior law maker lashed at him that he was not there to dictate matters on their behalf as a party leader.

Despot Amos Kimunya ?

Members of parliament thought Kimunya had reformed, however the meeting is an indication that old habits die hard. Amos Kimunya’s level of stubbornness led him to ignore his colleagues. He stubbornly demanded on pushing through the list only to disown it in an all members parliamentary meeting.

Numerous fonts substantiated the awkwardness in the meeting. They pointed an accusing finger to Kimunya for erring on his first duty.

The meeting was expected to be fiery.Nonetheless the Majority Leader will have to be diligent henceforth by consulting all stakeholders extensively. This is critical for him to derive a list that is satisfactory to all parties.

Wachira Kabinga, Mwea Member of Parliament

Erroneous Expectations

Amos Kimunya acknowledged that there was pressure at the meeting.He associated that with “inappropriate expectation” that the team ‘s role was to eradicate Tanga Tanga ‘s allied committee members.

“Some members had the presumed that the meeting was about replacing committee members. This mindset is wrong. The role of the committee in appointing officials’ is through dialogue with stakeholders,” Amos Kimunya.

Amos Kimunya alleges that the tension came about when he tried correcting members who had taken hard positions on the matter.

Hardly, three weeks in office, members have started expressing their lack of confidence in the new majority party leader. Amos Kimunya replaced Aden Duale, the Garissa member of parliament following his ruthless dismissal from the powerful office.  

This was Amos Kimunya’s first meeting under his guidance. The committee members believe that the Deputy President William Ruto’s allies and officials facing graft charges should be ousted.

In addition to that, members want to guarantee a safe landing for President Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and Handshake agenda.

BBI Politics

The purpose of the meeting was to enforce changes to JLAC and CDL. Initially, Baringo North MP William Cheptumo and Uasin Gishu Woman Rep Gladys Shollei, respectively chaired these two crucial committees. Both teams are committed to the passing of the BBI report.

Minority Leader John Mbadi

Pro – BBI members have raised their concerns citing that changes need to be made as soon as possible. They want the committee to constitute of pro – BBI members to ensure that BBI sails through smoothly.

The Budget and Appropriations Committee, chaired by Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah, is also under scrutiny. His days in this role are numbered as members plan to get rid of his chairmanship because he’s allied to Ruto. 

A source said they desired to substitute Ichung’wah with a pro – handshake supporter to facilitate allocation of funds for a referendum.

Nasa did very well in the reconstitution of their committees. In JLAC, for example, they had brought their very best lawyers in the House – Otiende Amolo, Kaluma (Peter) and Anthony Oluoch. This is because they know that this is the committee that will majorly handle BBI.  

Kieleweke-allied MP