Will Endorse The BBI Report In The Referendum?

Will Endorse The BBI Report In The Referendum?
Will Endorse The BBI Report In The Referendum?

BBI Report contents show that it has nine major issues its addressing. These include:


President Uhuru Kenyatta & ODM Leader Raila Odinga promised to stand together to ensure that political affiliation shall not shield those who are found to be corrupt.

National Ethos

Uhuru and Raila promised to promote national ethos and eradicate negativity.


They vowed to make sure that counties deliver to the people. By working together, Uhuru and Raila are holding all county governments accountable to the people.

Divisive elections

Every five years, the country almost comes to standstill during elections.

Investment and economic activity slow, making Kenyans lose their sources of livelihood.

Political competition often escalates beyond vibrant debate into ethnic polarization.

Personal security becomes uncertain, and often there is violence.

Safety & Security

Many Kenyans’ lives are afflicted by natural and man-made disasters.

During the weekend, 53 residents of West Pokot lost their lives following a landslide.

 Uhuru and Raila have urged leaders, regardless of their level, in every part of the country, to stand up and demonstrate their leadership by making a practical effort to ensure that those who are hungry or in distress are aided.

Responsibilities and rights

BBI sought to ensure Kenyans have their human and civil rights respected and enforced.

“There is no Kenyan whose rights should be compromised no matter the interests against them.”

 Uhuru and Raila urged every leader, and every Kenyan, to embrace the responsibilities.


Inclusivity is one of the greatest challenges Kenyans face.

 “Kenyans have failed to appreciate our God-given differences in how we think, the languages we speak, the regions we come from, and the way we worship.”

 Uhuru  and  Raila committed themselves to make the strongest efforts to find the right skills and attitudes from as many backgrounds and identities as possible.

They both committed to fight for inclusivity and to make sure, in an accountable and impactful way, that public institutions work to deliver to all Kenyans at the national and county level.Nine-Point Agenda

Shared prosperity

In parts of the country, there are many who are doing well, and Kenya continues to be a leading destination for investment into the region.

Yet too many Kenyans lack decent income, and investment lags behind those parts of the world that have developed broadly shared prosperity in the last few decades.

“We have to do much better. There are blockages, and perverse incentives against innovation, growth and job creation in our economic system,” the leaders said.

Uhuru and Raila promised to work together to clear the aforementioned from every part of the country so that prosperity comes to all.

Ethnic antagonism & competition

Kenya has witnessed a continued deterioration of relationships between ethnic communities and political formations.

These relationships are too often characterised by aggressive antagonism and competition.

Uhuru and Raila urged every Kenyan, every political leader and formation to compete without using ethnic profiling or by promoting disdain for any group.