Ngirici Claims Cate Waruguru Is A Home Wrecker

Ngirici Claims Cate Waruguru Is A Home Wrecker
Ngirici Claims Cate Waruguru Is A Home Wrecker

Cate Waruguru problems seem to have crossed over to the new year 2021.Kenyans attention has been taken by an escalating and fascinating confrontation between two former allies.

A different side of the legislature’s life is being revealed by the bitter fall out between her and Tanga Tanga’s Ngirici.

This Is Laikipia has gone out of its way to try and shed some more light on this dilemma facing Cate Waruguru.

Step by step, we will take you back to where it started without bias.

You have to know the past to understand the present.

Over Six Months Ago

More than six months ago, trouble began in paradise when the then Cate Waruguru’s lawyer-husband ditched her.

Locals say the marriage ended as fast as it had started. The lawyer was left with huge loans and a dented heart.

It is rumored that he was about to be auctioned by banks hence sold his SUV Prado TX to save his skin.

The legislature lost her status as the lawyer’s second wife after chewing every bit of his wallet and leaving his pocket full of air.

The Kericho-born-and-bread gentleman learned that Cate was cheating on him.

Who’s The Father?

Cate Waruguru gave birth to a baby in early 2020. She tried to persuade Mr. Kiget that the child was indeed his.

Moses Kuria goes on to alleged that Cate Waruguru’s husband requested for a DNA test. His heart was longing for the truth about the newborn baby.

Rumors making rounds in town were not enough to convince this lawyer that life is not always straight as it appears.

The infamous Gatundu South MP stated that the husband had taken off after learning that the baby was not his own.

Waruguru had allegedly refused a DNA test to be conducted on the poor kid.

She got a baby early last year. Her Rift Valley lawyer ‘husband’ was not convinced the baby was his. At some point he asked for a DNA test. The results proved that the baby was fathered by a business associate of the current Kirinyaga Governor. Lawyer took off and never looked back.

Moses Kuria, Facebook

In 2018,Cate Waruguru was kicked out of a Kericho hotel for failing to produce a marriage certificate.

This was the moment that she had entered into a relationship with her now ex husband.

The lawyer was married to another woman at the time of the entanglement with Waruguru.

Fast Forward 2021: More Entanglements

Cate Waruguru is still jumping from one relationship to the next.

Now she’s jumped on to the previously unconfirmed Kirinyaga businessman, Peter Waweru.

Mr Peter Waweru is the current chairman of the Kirinyaga County Chamber of Commerce.

Unfortunately he has now become Waruguru’s driver abandoning his young family.

The relationship takes the same format as the previous ones. This pattern has proved to have an obvious bitter ending and the relationships barely last more than 6 months.

Men were reduced into clerks and drivers working for her.

These bizarre coincidences have left many gape mouthed from Kirinyaga to Laikipia.

Strange Similarities

Locals can only speculate. They are eager to see which other married man will be the next victim after the clueless Peter Waweru is left with a big hole in his wallet.

Its rumored that most of these men are treated to chapatis. Normally which have been ‘sat on.

Hence they become fools and open their bank accounts and abandon their beautiful wives including innocent kids.

For example, to confirm these claims of eating ‘sitted on chapati’,we shall use Peter Waweru.

Peter Waweru’s zombification by this woman is evidenced by numerous incidences.

Ms. Waruguru, threw him a postgraduate party where the businessman’s wife’s children had not been invited.

Waweru did not even care to invite his own kids or the official wife. He sat there transfixed like a demon possessed person.

Abandoned Children

Some of the graduation party goers revealed some scary events they saw at the ceremony.

The graduation ceremony program was solely prepared by Cate Waruguru.

Strangely,Peter Waweru dedicated the achievement only to his parents.

The zombified man did not bother to mention his wife nor their three children.

This paints a clearer image of how Waruguru has caused massive damage between his lover and his family.

Peter Waweru’s wife finds it heard to explain to her three children why their father is now a being housed by another woman.

Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Waruguru’s lover, happens to be the woman of the house.

When he’s not chauffeuring her ,the lad is cooking and cleaning the dishes.

Graduation ceremony program

Ruthless Husband-snatcher ? Ngirici Claims

Cate Waruguru is now accusing her former friend Purity Ngirici of tainting her image in the media and blogs.

She labels Ngirici as dishonest in continuing to distort her reputation through baseless gossip and rumor mongering.

Waruguru now says Ngirici and her family are behind the recent stories doing rounds on social media.

The Laikipia Woman Rep MP is accused of moving in with married men.

Her latest victim being the businessman from Kirinyaga, Mr Peter Waweru.

In her defense, Waruguru claims that the attempt by the Ngiricis is a disguised effort to extort Mr Waweru.

She goes ahead to say that they owe the business man Ksh. 5 million as debt.

Adding that Waweru had lent the Ngirici money, in good faith.


Waruguru, whose randy conduct is well known in political circles, seems to have surrendered to her fate.

She gave a long ‘I don’t care’ kind of response in relation to her exposed philandering ways.

They should just pay their debt and stop sideshows. Paying bloggers and issuing death threats won’t work.What I and Mr Waweru decide to do with our personal lives is none of anyone’s business. If anything, Mr Waweru is an adult and no one should lecture him about personal decisions. Hon Ngirici should know that everyone has a constitutional right to date whoever they wish and she cannot dictate such matters even to her own son or daughter.

Cate Waruguru

Since leaving William Ruto and Tanga Tanga, Ms. Waruguru has withdrawn to Laikipia.

This is where she is using each and every opportunity to champion the BBI agenda hoping that it will help her win the 2022 Laikipia East MP seat.

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