Committee Led By Malala Saves Waiguru

Committee Led By Malala Saves Waiguru
Committee Led By Malala Saves Waiguru

Committee listening to her impeachment case has cleared Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru of all the allegations.

Waiguru was charged with serious breach of the constitution and with abuse of office. The 11 member senate committee was tasked with impeaching the scandal ridden lady.

The Committee having prosecuted the subject pursuant to its requirement under section 33(4) of the County Governments Act and Standing Order 75(2) of the Senate Standing Orders reports to the Senate that it finds that the charges against the Governor have not been substantiated.

Senator Cleophas Malala

The Senator explained how his committee cleared Waiguru before the Senate of all seven charges labelled against her.

The committee observed no county law that provides for the county’s annual state address as claimed by MCAs

The Governor illustrated from the testimony corroborated before the Committee that two Annual State of the County Address were made.

Members of county assembly accused her of weakening County Assembly jurisdiction.

The county executive has also put to the county assembly county policy documents and strategies like the County Strategy papers. In addition, the Annual Budget was also approved by the county legislature.

Public Procurement Act Breach

From the facts submitted, the Committee acknowledged a clear mismanagement of some tenders. Out of 12 tenders identified in the petition, only four of them were enforced by the County Assembly.

In the tenders prosecuted, the report observed that there was a clear incompetence of the tendering process.

Tenders were issued to Companies whose bids were not receptive or where there were apparent conflicts of interest.

The panel suggested that investigating authorities perform inquiries on the same .

That accountability be called upon for the guilty officers and the relevant members of the Tender Evaluation Committee.

There was no evidence linking the Governor with the establishment of tender evaluation committees.

In Kirinyaga County, the Committee established administrative dysfunction in print management. Waiguru was found guilty of not returning travel impressions within seven days and giving herself a benefit.

The Committee found this claim to have been founded but is an unwarranted offence.

Compensation of the board members of the Kirinyaga Investment Development Authority (KIDA) was done well . Evidence submitted before the Committee showed that payment was made in accordance with the Commission’s Circular on the Payment of Allowances to Boards and Commissions.

The Committee also noted the high changeover of health workers in Kirinyaga County and the undue delay in paying health workers who had commenced work pursuant to the Governor’s moratorium. This matter should be addressed immediately.