Corona Virus Scares Baringo Nurses

Corona Virus is sending shivers among health practitioners in Baringo county.

If we spot patients with Coronavirus symptoms, we will run away to save our lives since we don’t have any protective gear or medicine to deal with the deadly virus.

Kipyegon,Health worker

Baringo Health workers who were addressing the media today have expressed their fears. This is after holding a crisis meeting to discuss on the issue of delayed payments.

Led by ,Elizabeth Yator the County Chair of Nurses Association, the medical workers said there was no recognition and understanding of the disease that took more than 3,500 lives worldwide.

She further revealed that the county hospitals lack the capacity to handle cases related with Coronavirus.

At the same time, the medics lament over delayed salaries. According to them,they normally receive their dues by 26th of every month. So far, the services they rendered in the month of February have yet to be paid.

In addition, they requested promoting all COs before the end of this year.

Corona virus experiment

A woman from Kenya has shocked health workers at Kenyatta National Hospital.She is voluntarily donating to medical officers her drunk husband  so they can use him to find a cure for the now lethal corona virus.

The lady known as Hellen Muchiri disclosed she already had an agreement about her proposal with her husband. Interestingly, he offered to do just that. In order to put an end to their misery, and to pay school fees for their kids the couple is seeing corona visrus as a way out.

Authorities have confirmed that he was willing to carry out the deadly mission just to make his family happy.

Corona virus which broke out weeks ago in China has already killed a lot of people worldwide especially in China.

Many countries in Africa, such as Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, South Africa and recently Togo have started recording cases of the virus.

Other countries are on standby hoping not to catch the deadly virus.

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