Coronavirus: How to Help and Give Back

Coronavirus: How to Help and Give Back
Coronavirus: How to Help and Give Back

Covid 19 Pandemic is progressing and we are all required to adjust to the new normal. Living rooms are becoming classrooms and meeting centers, Zoom and Google Hangouts are becoming the favored places for nearly any social event, and things that were once normal, such as regular grocery shopping, are becoming even less frequent.

Everything appears to have changed during the Pandemic, from the way we interact to the way we do things out.

There’s no doubt that the worry around this humanitarian crisis can still be immense as well as frightening.

On the other hand, Covid 19 Pandemic has truly shown us inspirational acts of charity by people across the world. Noble people conducting charitable deeds to their best to help those affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Be it health care workers on the front lines that need the appropriate protective clothing, healthcare facilities which need supplies to handle sick people, or learners who really need books now that they can’t access them at school, a lot of people require assistance.

Apparently, consider sparing a few donations to noble causes. Those that serve the most affected people, when you do your regular shopping.

Restoring Hope In Laikipia

Purity is a dedicated goodwill ambassador working round the clock to alleviate the suffering among the less fortunate in Laikipia.

She is among the unsung heroes that Covid 19 Pandemic has unveiled to us.

Purity introduced vertical farming in slum settlements. Its a means of boosting food production, nutrients and vitamins uptake, particularly now that we are confronted with the Covid 19 Pandemic virus.

Before that she had another project dubbed ‘Seedlings of Victory’.

Enhancing Education

Purity has stepped up her charitable efforts by ensuring that children from underprivileged families continue their education at home.

All schools in Kenya were closed by the National Government until January 2021 as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Inequalities in learning resulting from a lack of access to online learning resources need to be tackled.

Purity is addressing these inequalities by donating books to kids across Laikipia County. The biggest beneficiaries are children from humble backgrounds who have no access to internet and other online learning resources.

Most of the parents cannot afford to buy airtime for their kids in order to access online studies. Owning a laptop is an achievement worth landing in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

While some students are covering the syllabus online others are having to resort to different methods.

Covid 19 Pandemic is posing serious challenges that are affecting thousands of school going children.

Purity sees enabling poor kids to have access to books is the best way they can continue with their studies while at home.

From Village To Village

In school,some of these kids had sufficient textbooks and teachers were always there,ready to assist them. Now the situation is different.

This is where noble Kenyans like Purity are stepping in to fill the gap left by the teachers and schools.

Purity is already passing the 400 mark in the number of Revision Textbooks that she has donated both online and offline.

She intends to donate even more books and other reading materials in an effort to bridge the learning inequalities gap.

Purity wishes to see a county where education is freely accessible to all regardless of their background.

Whilst the national government is deciding when to have the exams, beneficiaries of Purity’s books will continue studying peacefully.