Pastor Used Demonic Power To Fill His Nanyuki Church

Pastor Used Demonic Power To Fill His Nanyuki Church
Pastor Used Demonic Power To Fill His Nanyuki Church

Pastor based in Nanyuki has revealed what many have been wondering. Most pastors in Kenya have been sucked into the demonic world.They are still chasing fame and power (money) away from God.

Easy money from the unsuspecting members of the congregation draws many of them into the dark world of demonic powers.

The problem is even fueled by Kenyans who are going to church waiting for miracles and prophecies.

To that end fake pastors have come up with a solution. The solution is to preach the gospel of prosperity, and to perform demonic miracles every now and then. Evil powers, acquired from countries like Nigeria, help them prophesy sweeping away the congregation.

Gone are the days when christian missionaries never had scandals hanging over their heads. These scandals range from fabricated miracles, to sleeping with people’s wives and husbands in the name of spiritual cleansing and now to teaching manipulative doctrines.

They live large while foolish members live in squalor. In order to live life on the fast lane in posh estates, these pastors have perfected ways to milk their hapless followers dry by collecting money through different guises all in the name of God.

For there shall arise false Christs,and false prophets,and shall perform great signs and wonders to deceive if possible, even the elect

Mathew 24:24

The Gospel Of Prosperity

If your pastor sells holy water or oil ,you’d better run to God for refuge and abandon that church. Some have even designed envelopes that one should pick in order to attract miracles and ‘blessings.’Jesus never sold strange things as he preached the gospel in his time.

Offering, that in the old days was consensual and intended to support admirable christian projects, is now made mandatory. Pastors of the Pharisee class, curse anybody who fails to give their hard-earned cash as a tithe to bankroll the fake pastor’s flamboyant lifestyle.

The tithe is seldom used for any significant charitable efforts. You’ll find that in some churches, the pastor collects millions every Sunday, but we still have destitute members in the church. The widows and orphans continue to suffer in the name of the Gospel of Prosperity.

And many false prophets shall rise,and shall deceive many.

MATHEW 24:11

The Nanyuki Church Pastor

James (not his real name) grew up in a family of Christians. Both his father and his mother are steadfast believers and pastors. He went to a Bible college to study theology because he had a passion to preach the will of God.

During that time, it was not a question of wealth or fame, but of fulfilling the call inside his heart. As he did what he was born to do he felt fulfilled. He started a church in Nanyuki during his third year in theology.

As a newcomer to the gospel business, James felt that preaching would attract a huge audience. Like aspiring preachers, he assumed that every chair in his church would be filled with people ready to listen if he could talk well. But that was not the case.

There were empty chairs in his church, but the situation was different when he looked around in the neighboring churches. Every Sunday, other churches were overflowing with congregations. People came in great numbers.

Pastor James did everything he believed was right. He practiced what he had learned in theology, fasting, reading the Bible daily, and leading a holy life. However, the outcome was different from his expectations. He still had a small congregation filling his church.

That’s when he makes a decision to invite veteran preachers to his church. He began to associate himself with those who had a reputation in the industry. That’s why you’re going to see your local pastor doing crusades adorned with famous pastors.

This is a tough industry where lanes matter. It’s costly to get into the circles of prominent pastors who live lavishly at the expense of poor believers flocking to their churches.

Pastor James began to witness a growing number of church attendances. The Gospel of prosperity has altered the aspects of the growth of the church.

Present-day pastors see church growth as the number of people who come in as opposed to the spiritual growth of the church.

Pastor james

The Devil Is In The Details

Pastors are striving to be greater than what God has called them to be. James was trying to have a name for himself. Pastor James was finally introduced to Nigerian pastors.

Those who drove expensive cars, those who had bodyguards, those who lived in luxury homes, those who led glamorous lifestyles performing miraculous things and prophecies.

Some of them had great titles and big churches. They were, in fact, symbols of greatness in the church. James assumed that by aligning with them, he would be raised up the same as what had occurred to Elisha in the scriptures.

This was then that James discovered there are two sides to a coin. Some of these great pastors and self-proclaimed prophets, you will find as you get closer to them that they are living double lives.

Their lifestyle is shrouded in sin. This false first impression deceives many unsuspecting miracle-hungry Kenyans.

Some drink and have a long chain of girlfriends, and yet when they’re on the pulpit, they ‘re preaching like the world’s nearing its end. James had a lot of girlfriends, that’s when he decides to step up his ministry by traveling to Nigeria for more mystical power.

The Journey to Nigeria

Pastor James was offered a soap when he showed up in Nigeria. He scraped the soap at the top of his head as a way to take control of his destiny. As this happened, he had to keep rehashing what he would want the magical powers to do for him.

That’d be part of his church life. He was bathing with soap at precisely 12:00 midnight every Saturday before Sunday morning religious services.

This ritual implied that pastor James would have supernatural powers to send the congregation into a trance. Perhaps you’ve witnessed members falling down in your local church when the pastor says “fire’!’

So this is exactly what the satanist power of this pastor would do. The demonic spirit leads people to yell and scream, seeking to make other uninvolved church members believe it’s the Holy Spirit in action.

Sometimes if we see this occurring in our churches, we assume it’s the power of the heavenly father in operation. But that isn’t the case, your pastor might be one of the members of this horrific sect.

Pastor James would be taken to the village while he was still on a tour in Nigeria. He met the priest of Ifa. In Nigeria, a demon named Ifa is used to trigger miracles and prophecies. The priest did some incarnations and was able to predict some things about the living.

James was introduced to a number of gods, including the thunder god and the iron god. You will notice your pastor invoking the thunder god in the local church by shouting ‘return to sender’ or ‘thunder.’

The supreme God is not the thunder-god. In the land of false prophets, the god of thunder is the mythical god of vengeance.

As a true believer, when you hear such prayers, you need to ask yourself some critical questions. For instance, where that kind of doctrine stands on in the bible, the verse or the teachings. Occultist typically use that phrase to invoke the demonic powers of the god of revenge ‘The return back to sender’ phrase.

The god of Iron & The Sea shells

They sacrificed a dog to the god of iron, and Pastor James had to visit the stream very early in the morning on his return to Nanyuki.

The demons of Nigeria were to be introduced to the demons of his Nanyuki church. The pastor, talking to the demons, asked them to bring more people to fill his church. Demonic powers lured people to his church.

He was also given the head of a pig to bury in his church compound, so when the pig starts to rot, the maggots coming out of the pig are the number of people coming to the church. The pastor did as he had been told. He buried his head, and on that first Sunday morning, his church was overflowing with people in search of miracles and prophecies.

In less than a month, the traffic to his church had grown dramatically.

This issue of fake pastors was prompted by a high demand for miracles from Kenyans.People are no longer going to church because of the will of God, but because of the desire for miracles and prophecies. The ministers of the Gospel of Prosperity have identified this opportunity.They sleep in church during sermons. But when the pastor says, ‘Can I prophesy? They stand up and shout ‘yes pastor’.


So don’t be deceived after seeing people packed into churches and stadiums. Ask yourself what are they looking for? Then you will know what motivates them to be there.

Remember, in the Book of Acts 16:16-34, there was a young woman who used demonic powers to prophesy. Fortunate enough, the apostles reprimanded the spirit within her.

Selling Anointing Oil

Pastor James started consultancy services where people would come with different problems. He established several offices and people coming in would pay a certain fee.

The money would be placed overnight on the altar so that those giving would continue giving out their money unknowingly.

That’s why, in most churches today, you will be given an envelope to make contributions that will later be presented to the devil to bind you to that altar. By the time you realize that you have been scammed, poverty is staring in your eyes.

People who are under satanic power have no free will. All they think is to give to that altar. Pastor James sold anointing oil and water to make more money.

When you get into this kind of lifestyle, you’ll end up needing more power. Power to outdo the other prophets and to top the list. Pastor James decided to travel to Zimbabwe in order to gain more power to help him get initiated into more demonic forces.

Once the initiation of spiritual powers has begun, clients can’t stop halfway. Trying to stop in the middle of the process can make a person mad or end up dead. Pastor James was made to lie naked on top of a grave. It was supposed to attach him with the demonic spirit (the dead child’s spirit within the grave).

After a while, his supervisors apparently gave him a flower, indicating that the ceremony was over. The plant would have to be put in his office somewhere. He would pour milk every day and put sweets in the flower vase, because it embodied the dead child’s spirit.

Sometimes a child’s voice would be heard crying in his house at night. And he knew there were demonic forces coming from where he got them. In fact, inside the house he had a special room, where he stored all the occult calabashes where no one was allowed to enter.

The Male & Female Spirits

It didn’t stop there, Pastor James traveled to Mozambique for more demonic supernatural abilities. While there he would been given two demons.a male and a female. He was instructed to take two, because if he had taken a male, he would sleep with his wife, and if he had taken a female demon, he would sleep with him.

To avoid that, he had to take both of them and give them names. Since he used them in the church he had set up, he gave them the names By Fire and By Force. He brought them to his office.

Then he started a new service called the Holy Bath Service. People of all walks of life would come take a bath. Job seekers, the sick, women and men looking for life partners would all come.

Eventually, they would confess that they would see a change after taking the holy bath. These people were deceived because they were healed by their own faith, not by water or demonic powers.

The problem is that the faith of these people was already channeled to the wrong place.

God Saves Even The Lost Sheep

Since then, Pastor James has seen the hand of God and publicly denounced his old practices. He’s a born-again Christian now running a successful ministry in Nanyuki.

He burned all the crazy calabashes and left the Gospel of Prosperity. Now as a true believer in the Gospel and the body of Christ, he returns home seeking deliverance.

His family has been supportive since then. Pastor James has decided to expose his previous demonic rituals as a pastor in the church to help others realize that the devil has now set up a camp in the church.

It’s the story of his life!