Mogotio Family In Tears After Kid Disappears

Mogotio Family In Tears After Kid Disappears
Mogotio Family In Tears After Kid Disappears

A family in Mogotio is traumatized after their little son disappeared mysteriously. Roy Kipkemoi Kosgei aged 13, who is in class seven at Rock academy, Mogotio is yet to return home after reportedly going to school on Monday, January 27.

According to his mother Sylvia Kibichii who spoke to Capital News, her son didn’t come back home early as usual at the evening of the said ‘black Monday’ something which made her unrest.

I had gone for daily casual work after sending him to school but I arrived late and found the child was not at home. I called the teacher inquiring about it and he told me, ‘your child was not at school today’.

Mother Sylvia

She was so disturbed at the moment, adding, the teacher said he thought something known to the parent, made little Kipkemoi miss school.

She began calling the child’s father Owen Kipsang who works in Mombasa to inform him of the incident besides informing other friends and relatives.

“We have looked for him almost everywhere, we have even circulated his picture on various WhatsApp groups but up to now, not even a slight information leading to his whereabouts has been received”, she added while sobbing in tears.

Her worry is that, the boy might have been kidnapped and waylaid by bad people on way to school.

She then took a step and reported the matter to Mogotio police station on Thursday 30, where officers promised to do their best in tracing the kid.

Selina Kigen, a volunteering officer working in Children’s department office, Mogotio said, there are some of the characters including Kipkemoi’s close friends who should keenly be investigated over the unfortunate saga, since according to her, there might be some suspicious things which had earlier before the incident.

She believes that, the little boy is still fine wherever she is and by God’s will he shall be found unhurt.