Florida Man Aged 61 Marries His 18-year-old god daughter

Florida Man Aged 61 Marries His 18-year-old god daughter
Florida Man Aged 61 Marries His 18-year-old god daughter

Florida man aged 61, is making headlines after allegedly marrying his goddaughter, who is 18 years.

Reports of the unusual union elicited a wide range of reactions on social media, the majority of which chastised the man for marrying someone he had known since they were babies.

Mike Haugabook, Florida man married Deyjah Evans in a private ceremony in Florida this weekend. They’ve known each other since Deyjah was a child, and they married just a few days after she turned 18.

Mike and Deyjah announced on Facebook that they will “raise” their four children together. It’s unclear how many of the children are biologically Deyjah’s, or if any of them are biologically both Deyjah’s and Mike’s.

Deyjah was legally unable to consent to sexual relations with an adult male until she reached the age of 18.

Deyjah’s mother, a recovering drug addict, is opposed to the marriage. She allegedly had sex with Mike, the 61 year old Florida man for a cell phone and a “couple of dollars” once.

In an old Facebook post, Michael refers to Davina as his goddaughter, with Deja’s mother thanking him and saying, “love you babes.”

Many people on social media believe Mike “groomed” his teen wife. Do you concur?

The move, however, did not surprise or disturb everyone.

Kodak Black took to Instagram earlier this week to comment on the reports of Michael and Deja Haugabook’s marriage.

The 24-year-old rapper questioned why everyone was so upset about the relationship, and then claimed a similar incident occurred within his own family.

“SMH my daddy did the same sh*t,” he said in a now-deleted post. “Left us to start another family with his goddaughter when I was about nine years old.” But I’m not passing judgment on anyone. Each to their own. It might be true love.”

This week, reports of Michael, the Florida man, and Deja began circulating on social media, prompting the latter to respond on Facebook.

Deja, whose mother was rumored to have dated Michael years ago, dismissed the criticism as jealousy and insisted she was content with her decision.