How Did The Boda Boda Guy Defile A School Child?

Boda boda rider is in trouble after reports emerge that he’s responsible defiling one of his customers child. The video confession has made things worse for this crazy rider.

This incident has raised so many questions about the safety of kids in the hands of boda boda riders.

Especially those parents who hire boda boda riders to transport their children to and from school every day.

How safe are these innocent children? Are you sure who that favorite boda boda guy is?

Parents and staff at Primrose Primary School are asking themselves some of these questions.

Perhaps the video at the bottom of this post will provide answers.

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Twelve years ago, the government zero-rated all motorbikes with engines under 250cc in a populist move intended to offer jobs for thousands of young people and a convenient mode of transportation for the general public.

Many previously unemployed youths in Central Kenya have taken advantage of poor road networks and a lack of vehicles in rural areas to earn a living by transporting people and goods on boda boda, morphing it into an economic driver.

But lurking behind this thriving business is a dark monster that is steadily destroying lives.

The cyclists, also known as boda boda, have been accused of a variety of crimes, including gangs for hire, hit-men, and kidnapping.

They have also been accused of mob justice, rape, and on numerous occasions, killing innocent people suspected of being thieves without any evidence.

Boda Boda Rapist

The internet has been torn apart by news of a rider accused of raping a 7-year-old girl.

Tears flow freely as one watches and listens to the video clip.

The man recounts in detail how he seized the girl from school and proceeded to violate the innocent youngster in the adjacent bush.

He then handed the youngster over to his mother, who later discovered that the child had been raped.

When questioned if he has any regrets for his actions, he is evasive in his response.

He calmly maintains that he was captivated by the child’s acceptance of his sexual advances.

Then the rapist switched off his phone and went into hiding only to resurface a few days ago in a video that has since gone viral.

Its at this point of resurfacing that his colleagues manage to arrest him.

After that, he is subjected to a videotaped interrogation.

One of the boda boda interrogators informs him that members of the public are anticipating his killing outside.

As the video draws to a close, it’s clear that his fate has been sealed! He could end up meeting Jehova wanyonyi in the afterlife or becoming Mugo wa Wairimu’s (the fake doctor imprisoned for 11 years) Kamiti Maximum prison roommate.

Here is the video

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