‘I Do’ quickly turned into ‘I Don’t’ For Francis Kaparo

    'I Do' quickly turned into 'I Don't' For Francis Kaparo
    'I Do' quickly turned into 'I Don't' For Francis Kaparo

    Francis Kaparo 40 years marriage is on the brink of extinction. What happens when “I Do” becomes “I Don’t”? Divorce is never easy, and when personal fortunes are on the line, things get ugly, quickly.

    Behind the Francis Ole Kaparo and Mary’s marriage, divorce has stroke sooner than we expected.

    The passionate love they once had for one another has turned nasty in a heartbeat.

    Sweethearts and long term lovers have soon found themselves standing in opposing camps – with everything to lose.

    Well, for some wealthy people, money comes first, love comes second and respect for marriage vows ? Not even a distant third!

    The publicly known wife to the former speaker has chosen divorce before the mistress takes over everything.

    Locals thought that this marriage was a match made in heaven. They never expected it to descend into hell mired in claims of adultery.

    The Bitter Divorce

    Mary, has filed for divorce, accusing Kaparo of cohabiting with another woman in a Kiambu home, according to the Daily Nation.

    Its the promise every marriage is built on, husbands and wives vowing to love each other until death do us part.

    Mary cited desertion, cruelty, and adultery as grounds for divorce in divorce papers filed in a Kiambu court.

    I have been severely affected by the respondent’s inhumane treatment, dishonesty and immoral character and eventual desertion of the matrimonial home


    She claims she tried to save the marriage until Kaparo recently moved out of the house and began dating the woman, and the two have allegedly settled their differences.

    On several occasions the respondent disappeared from the matrimonial home for a long period of time without explanation at all, and he eventually went away


    One of Mary’s reasons for going to court, she told Kiambu chief magistrate Emily Ominde, was to protect her rights to the vast matrimonial property they had acquired together.

    I have never consented to the respondent marrying another woman.. and would never agree to share a husband,” she said, adding that issues of their marriage begun in 2017.


    Kaparo, on the other hand, denied the allegations of cruelty, claiming that his wife was adulterous and cruel.

    “The accusation of cruelty and adultery against the respondent (Kaparo) is denied. The petitioner is the one who has committed adultery and desertion “Kaparo remarked.

    “The petitioner has continuously subjected the respondent to physical, emotional, and physiological torture in an unprecedented level of cruelty,” he said.

    He tells the court about how he was bedridden for five months and how his wife never came to see him.

    Kaparo who is also the former National Cohesion and Integration Commission chairman claimed his wife is a “constant drunkard and often gets wild when drunk”.

    “I have always tried to avoid violent confrontation even to the extent of living the house in the middle of the night,” he said.