Illuminati churches in Kenya: Do they even exist?

Illuminati churches in Kenya: Do they even exist?
Illuminati churches in Kenya: Do they even exist?

Illuminati has recently become a talking point in Kenya with cops and crime stoppers connecting homicides to mysterious religious rituals. Cult members can range from a few people to thousands of individuals.

There is a vast world of dark cult and religion whose bizarre beliefs and rituals make things like alien worship — and even killing.

Cultic Religious Homicides

A young man from central Kenya has just confirmed our worst fears concerning the high cases of homicides in central. Desperation and poverty is driving many desperate Central Kenya youths into cultism (Illuminati).

On sunday, police in Kirinyaga arrested Mr. Simon Murimi Wanjohi at Baricho in Ndia Constituency at around 3am. Police are investigating a cult link to the murder of a deceased young woman.His father had noticed the perpetrator digging a shallow hole next to his house.

His father was persuaded that his son was digging a garbage pit.

The father alerted the area chief on Wednesday morning after he noticed that the hole had been covered with dirt.

A Shocking Revelation

The Chief rushed to the scene accompanied by cops and began digging the pit.

Several minutes after unearthing the hole, police came across a female’s foot and found a corpse had been buried by the perpetrator.

Beatrice Kabari, the mother of the deceased, discovered her daughter was missing on Monday.

The body was exhumed on Friday. It was transferred to Kerugoya Hospital mortuary where there will be a postmortem.

When the suspect was arrested, he confessed to the police that he had joined Illuminati (locally known as devil worshippers).

In return the police held ground shaking intercessory prayers to rescue the lost sheep. Nothing seemed to work. At this point they had to call members of the fifth estate to cover the story.

The Illuminati cult young man was put in a separate cell out of fear that he might sacrifice more in his desire for wealth. It’s devastating to see young people do the wrong thing. Despite being the majority, they have been misused and abused by rogue politicians.

Their leaders are busy merrymaking and switching from one camp to the other as youths sink deep into poverty in central Kenya.

Handouts and cheap liquor deals worsening the situation.

What is Cultism?

Lexico online dictionary defines cultism as a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members ‘a network of Satan-worshipping cults’.

Occult is usually synonymous with ancient and supernatural rituals. It says occult works with methods that are concealed or hidden to attain power and status.

Christian Research Institute (CRI)

According to CRI, famous occult procedures involve having to tell fortune, voodoo, and trance infusing.

Of the devices used by occultists are the tarot cards, crystal balls, ouija boards, and horoscopes. CRI says these activities “deal with supernatural powers directly” Illuminati is the synonym of cultism (devilworship / illuminati) for many Kenyans.

Cultism is one of the main problems Central Kenya faces. Central Kenya ‘s cultism has been a long-standing threat that has had negative impacts on people.

The main issue is the systemic corruption as it contributes not only to the region’s financial problems, but also to people’s mind and heart problems.

Corruption is the mother of all problems. It leads people to desparation. Desperate locals are poor in decision making and the most ideal targets of recruitment into satanic groups.

The Dreaded Illuminati

Britannica Encyclopedia defines Illuminati as various groups of persons who claimed to be unusually enlightened. The word is the plural of the Latin illuminatus (“revealed” or “enlightened”).

In a historical sense, the term “Illuminati” refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society that operated for only a decade, from 1776 to 1785.

Adam Weishaupt, a German law professor who strongly believed in Enlightenment ideals, founded this organization and his lluminatenorden sought to promote those ideals among the elites.

Weishaupt wanted to educate Illuminati members in reason, philanthropy, and other secular values so that they could influence political decisions when they came to power.

For six or nine guys it was pretty crazy because they just tried to take over the planet.

Chris Hodapp, the co-author of Dummies’ Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies with Alice VonKannon.

Secret Papers

Secret papers seized by the Bavarian authorities revealed fascinating details about the rituals of the Illuminati.

A novice preparing to pass to the higher level of minerval, for example, had to present a detailed report on the titles of the books he owned, the identity of his enemies, and the weak points of his character.

Upon initiation as a minerval, he promised to sacrifice all personal interests to those of the society.

The Illuminati (Devil worshippers) share similar traits with most of the cults. Many of the steps involved in Illuminati include:

First Class

Each novice became a secularist until he became a minerval. He then received the order’s statutes and could attend meetings.

1. Initiate
2. Novice
3. Minerval
4. Illuminatus Minor

Second Class

The various degrees in this class were inspired by Freemasonry. The illuminatus major supervised recruitment, and the illuminatus dirigens presided over the minervals’ meetings.

5. Apprentice
6. Fellow
7. Master
8. Illuminatus Major
9. Illuminatus Dirigens

Third Class

The highest degree of philosophical illumination. Its members were priests who instructed lower-degree members. The lower orders of this class were themselves under the authority of a king.

10. Priest
11. Prince
12. Magus
13. King

Illuminati Website claims the Illuminati is not a church, a faith, a political party or a charity.

They say the Illuminati is an elite group of this planet’s world leaders, business officials, innovators, artists and other prominent members.

The coalition brings together influencers of all political , religious and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.

A video extract from the Illuminati website

So What Gives Rise To Cults?

Christian sects have criticized non-Christian religions all through the history of Christianity.

During the 1940s, this resistance culminated in a more organized counter-cult Christian movement in the U.S.

All religious groups which claim to be Christian but whose practices are unorthodox are known to their members as a cult. Illuminati in Kenya started this way.

According to American religious historian John Melton, who wrote the Encyclopedic Encyclopedia of Cults in America, Christian religion is also modern religious phenomena that “have a Spiritual history but are considered theologically deviant.”

According to the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of Kenya states that “every citizen has the right to freedom of conscience, faith, thinking, belief and opinion”.

That every Kenyan has the right “to express any religion or belief through worship, practice, teaching or observance, including the adherence of a day of worship” without limitations.

However, the law is silent on the subject of culture. Given the secretive nature of worship and enlightenment, no single religious organization has emerged to claim the crown of worship in Kenya. Illuminati in Kenya is therefore as real as death.

Nevertheless, this growing pattern of alleged cultism in the country has not escaped the attention of the authorities and religious leaders.

In 2014, Bishop Cornelius Korir, warned that cultic behavior was on the rise in the country. The bishop said that many Kenyans were seeking assistance after they had been affected by devil worship. Bishop Korir was the head of the Catholic diocese of Eldoret

Anyone who calls himself a servant of God should be true to themselves and serve the living God. Cult members should not be involving innocent people in their own personal interests.

Bishop korir

Africa At Large

In a 2016 article, the International Research Journal of Social Sciences says that cultism has become a significant social problem facing the Nigerian community, with growing cases of cult-related killings.

Members of cults are at the center of most homicides perpetrated by them. Cult groups are in constant struggle for superiority and turf control. Peer pressure, the need to belong and to seek protection,lead many young people into cults.