Bloody July As Bandits Strike Again In Lonyuiek

Bloody July As Bandits Strike Again In Lonyiek
Bloody July As Bandits Strike Again In Lonyiek

Lonyiek recent wave of terrible attacks on innocent villagers has left many villagers in fear and shock. Some say they will prefer to pass away from coronavirus than being killed by raging outlaws.

The growing insecurity in Lonyiek is worse than the risk of COVID-19.  Locals will wish to die from coronavirus infection but not from these absurd murders orchestrated by outlaws.

So far, the lethal pandemic has not claimed any life in Laikipia West and other bordering Sub counties.  Ironically the outlaws have slew scores of innocent village dwellers and residents.

A better way of understanding the actual danger posed by insecurity (bandits) in Laikipia West is through records.

If you had lived in denial or underrated the magnitude of this predicament, the perception changes henceforth.

As you are reading this, the ruthless cattle robbers may be on their next mission while bandits and suspected herdsmen may have just concluded killings in some rural communities deep in Laikipia West.

Yesterday, fresh attacks launched by outlaws at Lonyiek left the villagers scrambling for dear life. The plundering outlaws after attacking several households, killed an aspiring young leader. The deceased met his fate when outlaws descended on his homestead armed to the teeth.

Like a scene from the wild wide west movies, the heartless outlaws unleashed their weapons on the poor guy. They then disappeared into the darkness with the stolen goats.

Outlaws Paradise

Earlier on today, villagers and members of the ASTU managed to recover the stolen goats. However, the killers are still at large.

At the beginning of this year in March, a similar attack happened claiming the lives of four young men. Additionally, over three hundred families were displaced when outlaws invaded Narasha and Tiamaut villages in Laikipia North. The heavily armed and no-nonsense criminals made away with several herds of cattle.

Tracking the outlaws is a complicated affair. Why? The bandits always scatter themselves when going on operations at villages. Hence, security personnel find it difficult sometimes to easily contain the outlaws’ attacks

Locals are still calling on the federal government to install additional armed forces, mobile policemen and equip locals with guns to tame the lawlessness and roughness in this area.

The state should deploy the military to comb all the forests in the region, and eradicate these bandits.

Bandits continue with their reign of terror as some victims still don’t live to recount their ordeal.

More Vulnerable

Just like previous years, outlaws are as bold as ever while inhabitants are now more vulnerable than any other time. The lack of responsibility for instigators continues.

Carelessness and inconsiderateness of relevant stakeholders is responsible for the rising insecurity in the region. For instance, a funny entity was formed. The pioneers thought it was foolish to involve members of the communities and other key stakeholders.

No public participation was conducted prior to forming the cash cow organization. Eventually, locals got wind of what was cooking inside the pot and rejected the shady outfit.

This was turning into another pyramid scheme meant to milk dry unsuspecting donors in the name of a peace organization. One wonders how we can talk about peace without involving the victims and other members of the community?

Members of county assemblies in different neighboring counties abandoned the outfit rendering it dead. They want nothing to do with it as claims of mistrust continue to plague the once promising peace vehicle.

It’s Getting Worse

The insensitivity of the local leadership to this matter gives a true picture of bad political choices that voters have to live with.

The slain young man has exposed the political incorrectness that the locals have to contend with. Dubious tax payers sponsored safari rally events appear not to solve the underlying issues facing Lonyiek residents.

The inhabitants plead for security but their cries fall on deaf ears. Each Safari rally event held is a mockery of justice to residents. Their weeping and wailing cannot compete with the rumbling engines of rally cars.

The perilous condition will balloon to a risky level, if no tangible action is taken by the government to stem the wave of the bloody attacks.