Jackline Wamuyu Seeks Help Me From Well-wishers

Jackline Wamuyu Seeks Help Me From Well-wishers
Jackline Wamuyu Seeks Help Me From Well-wishers

Jackline Wamuyu is a household name in Laikipia especially Nanyuki town. Jackline is one of the beneficiaries of the Laikipia Innovators Program.

The  mission was to incubate innovative ideas and to encourage them to hatch. She abandoned her teaching career to venture into innovation.

Jackline developed a homemade pesticide, which won her an interview on the famous Citizen Tv show called Mwanamke Bomba. As a result of that,she gets orders from other counties like Nyeri ,Meru and Embu.

Many  farmers have switched to this organic pesticide.Hundreds are now able to keep away pests while worrying less about the health effects of using inorganic chemicals. Aside from that,she has trained over 700 women across counties particularly in Tigithi ward.


In January 2020, an unexpected tragedy struck Jackline’s family. She suffered a stroke while attending a funeral service. The condition left her paralysed and with high blood pressure.

After this tragedy, her life took a different turn into the world of pain and endless expensive drugs. At this time, she has to hire a home caregiver and a psychotherapist. Right now she is unable to speak or walk around.

Jackline with her two daughters

Jackline is a mom of five children to whom she has dedicated her life faithfully. Her last two daughters still recall the events of that fateful day.

Their mother was hurried to Nanyuki Level Five Hospital where physicians said she had suffered a stroke and her blood pressure was also high, according to her daughter Brenda Wanjiru.

This comes in even before the industrious innovator patented her homemade innovation. Fellow innovators are urging the county government of Laikipia to assist Jackline in patenting her innovations.

She was moved to Mwea, Karira Hospital, and then to Nyeri, and then to a home where she is currently receiving home care, after one week of admission to the health facility.

Brenda is appealing to fellow netizens to chip in.