Friends Face The Silent Killer Called Depression

Friends Face The Silent Killer Called Depression
Friends Face The Silent Killer Called Depression

Friends and family members of Maina are still in shock. The reality is too much to accept.

00.55hrs, 28th Dec 2019, Abiud Maina, a photographer and events planner , posted a farewell note.

Hours later, Maina was found dead. Maina will was buried in Mukurweini, Nyeri. But that’s not the story.

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Three days earlier, Maina narrated to his audience an encounter he had with an old Mzee in a matatu that day.

The Mzee, according to Maina, told him that out of the many friends he thought he had, he only needed six.

Just enough number to help carry his casket. The rest were just hangers -on.

The Mzee emphasized that he used to have tens of “real” friends until shit happened. All of them disappeared.

In his farewell post, Maina noted that in all his life, he never showed signs of depression. He was always smiley. His Facebook page is nothing short of comedy.

He was a Facebook comedian. Maina says he couldn’t reach out to his friends since they all thought he was okay.

Now, just like Maina (may he rest in peace) most people here on social media are walking dead.

Their souls and bodies are apart. Behind the Facebook jokes, are people so hollow and fighting depression.

They make us laugh while they are writhing in untold pains behind the keyboards.

In their profile photos, they tuck sorrow inside those elegant clothes and make-up. Their smiles hide tears and stories no one else can tell.

But just like Maina’s friends, we shall assume they are fine. Besides, they laughed at your joke a few minutes ago.

They just tagged you on a joke seconds a go. They shared a meme moments a go. Some are your meme plug

People living large on social media could actually be sleeping hungry.

Marriage counsellors on social media could actually be suffering domestic abuse at home.

People sharing motivation on their timelines could in real life be hopeless. But we assume they are fine because they look like they are.

We could all be strangers here on social media, but real friendship can be groomed from it.

People are not fine only when they look like they are. Ask them if they are. Ones in a while, DM your online friends and ask them how they are.

Not just to gossip. Some of them may not be having any physical friends, they depend on us: their virtual friends.