Kakamega Man Loses His Manhood To A Sex Worker

Kakamega Man Loses His Manhood To A Sex Worker
Kakamega Man Loses His Manhood To A Sex Worker

Kakamega Man has asked human rights organizations and the Maendeleo ya Wanaume organization to assist him in his quest for justice.

Following his release after a year in prison, the Kakamega man who was arrested after losing his manhood in the hands of an enraged commercial sex worker has recounted his ordeal.

On Thursday, approximately two weeks after being released free, the Kakamega man known only by his initials K.K detailed how he dealt with the incident, stressing that he now requires Human Rights involvement.

He explained that on June 18, 2020, he met a commercial sex worker in Kakamega town and agreed to pay Ksh150 for the service.

I paid up front and we went to a room, and as I was relaxing, another lady appeared from under the bed and seized my wallet,” the man explained. When I questioned, the lady with whom we had an arrangement became enraged and screamed for help, accusing me of refusing to pay her.

Kakamega man

He said, “Her co-workers joined me and beat me up before I was thrown out of the room.”

Kakamega Man Seeks Revenge

The next day, his rage drove him to the precise site where he had picked the lady, and before he could find her, she leapt from a corner and began attacking him while demanding money.

“She hit me, and her co-workers joined in to create a scene. Before they all vanished, they beat me up and hacked off my manhood, throwing it on the road,” the Kakamega man narrated.

The commercial sex worker subsequently filed a formal complaint with the Kakamega police station, alleging that the guy had refused to pay for the service.

Officers responded quickly, conducting an investigation, and arresting him from the hospital bed where he had been admitted.

After he had recovered, the officers hauled him to court.

The accuser did not appear in court for a year to follow the proceedings. The judge eventually released him.

“I won the case, but losing my manhood hurts a lot,” the Kakamega man remarked.